In a meeting with County Commissioners and Mesa locals, Commissioner Janet Rowland and County Attorney Starr ignore citizens. Accuse locals and Clerk Peters of criminality – Fail miserably. Potential collusion exposed.

[Mesa County Colorado, September 2, 2021] – In a last-ditch effort to convince Mesa County Commissioners to opt out of a seven-year contract with Dominion Election Systems, America’s Mom, Sherronna Bishop asked for a private meeting with the local officials. The goal of the meeting was to present information on voting system security vulnerabilities, facts about the machines including built-in wireless modems, and several alternatives for running elections if Dominion voting systems were to be eliminated in Mesa County.

Following the lack of understanding the Commissioners displayed in previous hearings, Bishop wanted to offer Commissioners a private forum to ask questions to expand their understanding of complex electronic voting systems which are outside the Commissioner’s expertise. The meeting was expected to be private among local officials and stakeholders from Mesa County. Prior to the meeting, Bishop was asked to submit a list of her limited team members including systems testing expert Ret. USAF Col. Shawn Smith from the U.S. Election Integrity Plan.

In a shocking twist, the meeting was open and attended by a large cadre of people who have chronically dismissed citizen’s concerns and expert testimony on election integrity. Surprise attendees included:

  • The hostile establishment press: including CNN, KUSA/9 News, and Grand Junction’s Daily Sentinel.
  • Law enforcement: Including Mesa County Attorney Starr and the FBI.
  • Dominion representatives: Steven Bennett a holder of two U.S. Patents for Dominion’s adjudication in voting systems using ballot images.
  • Colorado County Clerk’s Association leadership: Carly Koppes, Chuck Broerman, and Justin Grantham. Noticeably absent was the CCCA’s Executive Director, Matt Crane whose conflicts of interest keep mounting. His wife worked for Dominion for years while Crane was a CO County Clerk. Missing from Crane’s Linkedin is his current Executive Director position at the CCCA.
  • Secretary of State’s senior staffers: Trevor Timmons, Judd Choate, Matt Dombeski, and Jessi Romero.
  • A paid national anti-election integrity activist: Ryan Macias who works with Matt Crane at the Lafayette Group. Macias is known for attempting to sabotage the Maricopa AZ audit by sneaking into the secure facility and lying about having press credentials. Crane invited Macias to speak at the summer CCCA Conference. Macias stated, in the secrecy of the CCCA-hosted meeting of the Colorado County Clerks, that his organization intends to discredit the Maricopa Audit Report before it’s even released.

It remains unclear whether the private meeting link was leaked or deliberately shared by the Commissioners. The fact that so many anti-election integrity media, bureaucrats and law enforcement attended a meeting between local citizens and their county officials raises serious questions for these County Commissioners. Why would so many anti-integrity officials, who are on the record defending Colorado’s failed election security as the “Gold Standard,” care to attend a local meeting discussing a Dominion voting machine contract? What is the connection between Mesa County Commissioners, anti-election integrity elected officials, the Sec State, and law enforcement?

The reason there may be a connection between the Mesa County Commissioners, law enforcement, and the Secretary of State is because of their intense interest in Tina Peters the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder. Peters became the global face of election integrity in August by upholding her oath as an elections official. Her crime? Preserving 2020 election records, mandated by State and Federal law. In anticipation of Griswold’s and Dominion’s voting system “Trusted Build” hardware and software “update”, Peters had Mesa County’s Dominion system records completely backed-up. After Griswold and Dominion executed their “Trusted Build update” Peters backed-up the systems again. When the before and after backups were compared by technical professionals, it was found that election records had been deleted in apparent violation of the Federal law’s definition of election records preservation. In their analysis of the backups, cyber experts identified open access points on the Dominion voting systems through which votes and vote tallies can be secretly altered without detection. Once it was discovered that Peters had properly backed-up her voting systems in accordance with the law, it unleashed a chain of illegal and unethical actions by a panicked Griswold. Griswold commandeered local, and Federal law enforcement to target Peters and her staff. Whether the law enforcement officials know they’re being used to deny public transparency or cover up potential evidence of Griswold’s illegal conduct is an open question. As undeniable technical proof-points mount, the motivation for the state’s attacks on Peters become clear.

The blatant government overreach included multiple raids on Peters’ office. In one raid, an armed fatigue-clad warrantless squad went to Peters’ home presumably at the direction of the Sec State and Mesa D.A. The raids, their severity, and threating nature shocked Peters given the fact that it’s her right and obligation to back-up election records. In addition, Dominion and the Sec. State directed all the CCRs to “back-up” their systems without any restrictions prior to the scheduled update. Now, Griswold and the D.A. are attacking using the full weight of the state claiming first-term Peters, a 65-year-old, Gold Star Mother, and cancer survivor is a criminal for following the law and upholding her sworn duty to the public who elected her.

In fear of her safety, Peters is now being protected by patriots, much to the ire of the Mesa County Commissioners.  In yesterday’s meeting, Commissioner Janet Rowland aggressively used it as a forum to try Peters in the court of public opinion.  Rowland parroted Griswold’s and D.A. Starr’s accusations as if she’d been briefed. During questioning appeared as if Rowland, CNN reporter Paul Murphy, and County Attorney Starr were working in tandem to pin criminality on Bishop or Smith.  Nearly hysterical Rowland repeatedly asked who was in possession of “the images” (the before and after backup records) that show unequivocally that Mesa’s election records had been deleted from the Dominion machines.

By the end of the meeting, Rowland outed her own arrogance and disinterest in the concerns of the people she represents.  Rowland was presented with an extensive list of Dominion’s system vulnerabilities by a military expert Ret. USAF Col. Shawn Smith who has deep domain knowledge.  However, the proven vulnerabilities weren’t enough to convince Rowland and the other commissioners.  Rowland claimed that the citizens must obtain and prove there were internet connections, cyber-attacks, and hacking before Rowland and the Commissioners would opt out of the Dominion contract.  Rowland showed she had no grasp of what she heard in the meeting, given her ask.  Citizens and experts couldn’t possibly prove internet connections, attacks or hacking without a forensic audit of the machines.  It appears Rowland proved the predicate and the necessity for a full forensic audit in Mesa County. However, Rowland’s actions pale in comparison to the orchestrated acts of Dominion and Griswold.

To share and distribute a .pdf copy of the above press release, download the file below,

# # #

Lawless SoS Griswold Attacks Hero Clerk Peters: National Spotlight on CO Election Issues

Cyber Symposium: CO, Peters, and USEIP Steal Spotlight 

Last week, the world watched as Colorado grabbed global headlines by showcasing its anomalies in 2020 election data.  Many were stunned at the depth and breadth of the accomplishments of Colorado voters achieved in their pursuit of the truth of the 2020 elections.  

USEIP volunteers, too many to name, were instrumental both on-stage and behind the scenes with communications, data, process, and equipment analysis that facilitated a successful symposium. Many who had never seen Dr. Frank’s data were shocked to see that in his modeling and analysis, his publicly available data-set is from Colorado.  

The mock election demonstration by Ret. USAF Col. Shawn Smith of USEIP clearly demonstrates in a 7 minute video exactly how to commit election fraud with the current Dominion machines and how easy it is to make the paper ballot count match up with the fraudulent results.  Smith’s work shows any election official denying the possibility of the fraud happening through the machines is flat-out wrong.  More from Smith on the symposium…

While many were disappointed in not seeing the payoff of Lindell’s promise of irrefutable proof showing that “China hacked and stole the 2020 elections through ‘the machines’”, there were realities of happenings behind the scenes that somewhat stopped that from happening in the way many expected.  Most importantly, Lindell’s team was apprised of the situation that the data to be presented was to be “poison pilled.” Which means ruined, marred, or fully damaged through illegal inputs or deletions. Lindell’s team made the executive call to avoid damage to the raw data.  What this means is that Lindell still has the full set of unmolested data that still has been and can be further analyzed and presented in court.  Watch for more to come on this in the coming weeks. 

The Smoking Gun: Mesa News Breaks at Symposium

Unexpectedly, Tina Peters the County Clerk and Recorder of Mesa County (Gold Star Mother, cancer survivor, and first-term election official) emerged as a national hero during the symposium, putting a face and story to the data that was presented and analyzed in real-time on day two of the event.  Tina’s bravery showed the world that, in Colorado, we have a lawless, unethical, and potentially criminal Colorado Secretary of State. Jena Griswold continues to overstep the legal parameters of her office in an attempt to cover her actions, in partnership with Dominion, in the November 2020 election.  Full story here…

THE SMOKING GUN:  Election Records that are legally supposed to be preserved for 25 months per Colorado law, and 22 months according to Federal Law have been deleted from Mesa County’s Dominion machines.  Proven by ‘before and after’ data evidence. Investigations are underway.  Get smart on how Dominion and audits work Read More….

Griswold Shocks Nation with Wild Overreach: Raids

  • Griswold raided Clerk Peter’s office on August 10th with the approval of Mesa County DA, Dan Rubenstein and the newly appointed Sheriff Matt Lewis.  View warrant documents: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, DA and Sheriff’s contact info.
  • Griswold raided a home, in the middle of the night, with four children asleep. In the raid all electronics were confiscated, including children’s devices.  This is related to the earlier raid.  
  • Griswold then raided Peter’s office a second time where she, in cooperation with Mesa County DA and Sheriff, seized the voting equipment.  Strangely there was no accounting of the equipment that was taken, 

Griswold Goes Totalitarian:  Clear Violation of CO Law

Griswold states she is going to appoint Peter’s replacement (potentially temporary) for the Nov elections in Mesa County.  Bottom-Line: Griswold has no authority whatsoever to remove from position nor appoint any election officer designated by the governing jurisdiction (County Commissioners) in a county.  She might as well be Xi Jinping, declaring herself ruler.  In fact, CO State Rep. Ron Hanks calls for Griswold’s resignation. Her ONLY statutory path for enforcement is through injunction in the applicable District Court, on the basis of motion filed by CO Attorney General.  In fact, Griswold herself, is likely in violation of 52 USC 20701. County Commissioners, the DA and the Sheriff in Mesa are now faced with whether or not they’ll allow The State to come in and rule Mesa, or are they going to stand up for the citizens and the rule of law?

Griswold’s Hand-Picked Surrogate Operatives: SERIOUS Conflicts of Interest

The two people selected to run the Mesa Co elections are Wayne Williams, current El Paso City Council member and Senior Advisor to Runbeck Election Systems and Mesa County Treasurer Sheila Reiner.  Here are the conflicts of interest of both questionable potential appointees. Additional context read more…

Wayne Williams Power Grabbing and Making Money Off Elections

  • Already holds office – Currently Sits on the City Council of El Paso County along with his wife, a current El Paso County Commissioner. 
  • Works for Runbeck Currently the Senior Advisor of Runbeck Election Services. – a ballot printing and election automation company headquartered in Arizona.  Runbeck has been accused of being involved in pre-printing ballots across the U.S. proof of this is expected to surface as details from the Maricopa Audit Report are analyzed. 
  • Mesa is a customer of Runbeck Mesa County recently signed a $100(k)-$300(k) ballot printing contract with Runbeck in July of 2021.
  • Forced Dominion mandated the use of Dominion machines across Colorado in 2015. forcing all CO counties to adopt the sketchy technology.  Counties had to sue Williams to opt-out of machine adoption. 
  • Called on Peters to resign in the midst of the current investigation.  Completely without fact or full understanding of the case.  Republicans are calling out Williams for his irresponsible and foolish declaration.  Read State Rep. Ron Hanks statement…
  • Claims no fraud in CO, repeats “gold standard” trope Williams has a vested interest in ensuring no fraud is found in CO given his past actions as SoS, Dominion advocate, and current position with Runbeck. 
  • CO Election officials reject Williams as a choice for Mesa elections official.

Sheila Reiner Playing Dirty:  Re-registers to Certify Elections on Aug. 3 While Acting Mesa Treasurer — Acts On Grudge Against Peters… 

  • Reiner tried and failed to recall Peters  Reiner led the effort to recall Peters from office in 2020.
  • Planned to get re-involved in Mesa elections — before all this: Reiner is currently the Mesa County Treasurer.  In an unexplained twist, records show Reiner re-upped her official credentials to run and certify elections on August 3, 2021, according to her Facebook post.  This suggests Reiner may have had previous knowledge of Griswold’s plans to raid Peter’s office and frame Tina for the leak that came from the Secretary of State’s Office. Further official investigation is warranted.
  • Scandal plagued Reiner – Reiner left her position as CCR in the midst of a security scandal.  Once Peters was in office after defeating Reiner, Peters discovered troubling security breaches that Reiner and her staff had committed with access issues (keys, access cards etc.)  Peters presented the information to the Mesa County DA, Rubinstein but he refused to investigate the case.  Now DA Rubenstein is investigating Peters.
  • Lied about party affiliation – Several Mesa residents have come forward mentioning that Reiner is not actually a Republican.  Sherronna Bishop, America’s Mom explains she was talking with Reiner at a women’s political meeting in Mesa County; asking why Reiner was leading the recall of Tina Peters a fellow Republican. “It didn’t make sense.  I didn’t know Tina well at the time, but she had been delivering on all her campaign promises“.  When Bishop pushed further, Reiner gave a duplicitous response, “Everyone knows a Democrat can’t get elected in Mesa…”.  Did Reiner lie about her political affiliation to get elected? 
  • Reiner in bed with Dems, Dominion, and dirty CO County Clerks Association Sure, we can all have friends and colleagues – on the other hand, we are judged by the company we keep. This raises real issues for Reiner in terms of being objective and unbiased when it comes to Peters and Mesa County.

Connecting the Dots: Why Did Griswold Pick Reiner to Replace Peters?

Griswold looks to be in serious legal trouble that continues to mount.  Why would Griswold raid, threaten, seize, and now illegally appointing election surrogates in Mesa?  Clearly there’s something she does NOT want the public to see.  Turns out Griswold is following in the footsteps of Raffensberger as he attempts to put Fulton County GA in receivership in order to get his hands on the data, machines, records, paper ballots etc. in order to cover his tracks.  Griswold’s moves in Mesa are straight from the playbook.  The goal is to gain control of the array of election records through either compromised surrogate Williams or Reiner.  Watch for this pattern of “cover-up power grabs” to continue across the U.S. as more counties and states conduct election forensic audits.

Can’t Spell Feckless Without a KBB 

Turns out the CO GOP Chair Kristi Burton Brown is as feckless as the rest of the GOP establishment across the nation when it comes to election integrity.  In a leaked message KBB’s cowardice and lack of understanding of the law is on full display as she encourages candidates to steer clear of the fight in Mesa County.  In fact, KBB declined to do her homework that would show many of Griswold’s claims have no legal backing. However, it’s no surprise.  KBB has been completely silent on the topic of election integrity since she’s been elected in December.  Among her growing list of failures:

  • Broken promises to work with “the grassroots” on election integrity.
  • Republican voter registrations bleed  With KBB at the helm, she’s responsible for dismal results.  The CO GOP is bleeding registered members in synch with the CO DNC trend.  Bottom line, unaffiliated voters show strong growth showing voters on both sides are done with the uniparty establishment.  
  • Bending the knee to Griswold. During KBB’s run for State GOP Chair, she used the work and experience of election integrity experts in Boulder County as her foundation for her position on election integrity. The BoCo team had worked for years to make headway to ensure free and fair elections in a navy blue county. Jena took KBB’s election integrity platform (based on BoCo’s work), analyzed it, deconstructed it point-by-point and ensured all BoCo’s forward progress was dismantled through Griswold’s Emergency Rules and Permanent Rules changes. What’s so incredibly sad is that KBB didn’t stand up against Griswold’s overreach and defend the good work of the County GOP teams on EI which she gladly used to get elected. Instead, she sat silent cowering as Griswold ate the GOP’s lunch.
  • Declining to fight – Declining to testify at the Aug. 3 hearing against Griswold’s emergency and permanent election rules that hurt all CO voters. 

Tone deaf KBB is following Rona McDaniels marching orders straight from the top of the RNC by using election integrity to raise money, but when the fight is real – turning into cowards and running from the election integrity fight. 

Lucky, the County GOP Chairs are independent and are not required to report to the weak and ineffective State GOP.  Expect to see CO voters supporting conservative candidates directly.  Those who are values and issues aligned, but do not want to be labeled “Republican” will have support from the mass of “unaffiliated” voters in upcoming elections. 


USEIP County & Local Organizing Playbook is Now Available!

Since we began organizing in November 2020, we have documented our efforts, on all fronts, to be able to ensure that we don’t continually recreate the wheel, and so that we can provide resources (and a lot of lessons learned) for patriots in other states, counties, and localities. The resources provided here are free of charge. USEIP is an association of like-minded people working together to affect change locally. We don’t raise funds, and we don’t accept donations for any of the work we are doing. No one owns USEIP, and we don’t want your money either. We want YOU.

No, not to join USEIP. I mean, we’re awesome, but that’s not our goal. We want you to bring your skills, talents, and God-given passions to the movement to restore our Republic. Gather, understand what resources you have collectively – what skills, talents, and passions everyone brings to the table – and get to work. It’s going to take every single one of us.

We are scientists, mathematicians, cyber security experts, community organizers, writers, artists, former politicians, current and former military, corporate strategists, digital experts, super moms, pastors, prayer warriors, and so much more. We are young and we are old. We are black, white, and brown. We are the American People. AND, WE ARE THE PLAN.

Note! This content is provided, free of charge, for you to use. Do not monetize it. Thank you!

U.S. Election INTEGRITY PLAN. COPYRIGHT 2020-2021, USEIP. All Rights Reserved.


[Sec State Griswold Sends Team to Mesa County– Attempting to Pre-Emptively Destroy Potential Election Data Release]

[Denver, Colorado, August 9, 2021] – Sec State Griswold published a news release today, claiming a data breach of BIOS passwords from Dominion machines has been published online. Griswold and her staff should know if the passwords are real because only they have access to the passwords. Colorado County Clerk and Recorders and their staff do not have password access. If true, then Griswold herself identified and connected the passwords to Mesa County, thereby jeopardizing the security of Mesa County voting machines.

Griswold is reportedly sending staffers to Mesa County to investigate – potentially seizing electronic voting equipment and data that might be critical to an independent forensic audit and to any law enforcement investigation into Griswold and her staff’s conduct.  Griswold has already proven her untrustworthiness as a public elections’ official with her illegal Emergency Rules Declaration heard last week in a public hearing.  Given Griswold’s tainted track-record in office, her overreach in Mesa County raises serious ethical and legal questions.

The Sec State claims that BIOS passwords from the Dominion machines were published on social media creating a data breach. The SecState did not produce any evidence of where the passwords were posted online, any confirmation that the passwords are indeed from the Mesa County Dominion machines, or any forensic analysis indicating who is responsible for the potential breach. Without any publicly released proof, the legitimacy of Griswold’s claims and subsequent investigation are highly questionable. How is the public to know someone from her office didn’t publish the passwords as a predicate to potentially molest election data from Mesa County, or to use this as a clear warning to County Clerks in Colorado to obey Griswold’s illegal mandates? Without a forensic deep-dive into the source of the supposed posting of the passwords – it appears Mesa County has a reasonable case to pause any investigation until irrefutable proof is presented by the Sec State.

Griswold’s demand for Mesa County surveillance video raises key questions:

  • What is being done with surveillance data from every other county in Colorado?
  • Why wasn’t the public allowed to know when Dominion personnel and Griswold’s staff were modifying Dominion voting machines starting in June?
  • Why did Griswold and Dominion hide the technical details of what was modified in the machines from the public and County Clerk and Recorders?

Last week, Griswold’s office was under overwhelming public pressure with record-breaking written and oral testimony on the August 3rd hearing. Citizens from all political backgrounds fought against Griswold’s Emergency Rules Declaration, citing an abuse of power; calling for a statewide forensic audit, and asking “what is there to hide?” The outpouring of testimony forced Griswold to shut down citizens from orally testifying and submitting any more written testimony submissions several days earlier than first scheduled.  The legality of shutting down testimony is now being investigated.  It appears Griswold’s action in Mesa County could be a retaliation for citizens calling-out Griswold’s unethical and illegal behavior.

Questions are being raised about the connection of Griswold’s panicked investigation to interfere Colorado County Commissioners’ supervision of elections, the impending report from the Maricopa Arizona forensic audit, and the nationally recognized Cyber Symposium being held in South Dakota from August 10-13th.  The purpose of the symposium is to publicly reveal and scrutinize new data from Dominion machines showing China’s ability and irrefutable evidence of machine penetration, changing 2020 election results.  Political elites from both sides including Griswold vigorously denying any possibility of election malfeasance have been in overdrive attempting to question the legitimacy of the data, experts, and citizens investigating the 2020 election results.


To share this press release with news outlets, blogs, chats and other organizations, here is the .pdf version of the news release.

Griswold Shuts Down Citizen Testimony

Sec State Griswold has prematurely shut down citizen testimony on the election rules hearing.  There were 50 citizens signed up to testify in the Aug 3 hearing that was supposed to continue into a second day given the citizen turnout.   Griswold stopped it!  It may be illegal for her to shut citizens out from the testimony procedure. 

Written testimony was officially announced to be accepted until Aug. 10.  Now that has been shut down.  What the hell is going on?  Tyranny in its purest form! 

ACTION:  call or email the SOS office and ask why they’re banning citizen input on illegal and unethical election rule changes!  
Sec State office: 303-894-2200 CC

Griswold Hides From CO Voter Testimony


[Bi Partisan Colorado Voters Submit Over One Thousand Petitions – Challenging Unconstitutional Elections Rules Changes in Hearing]

[Denver, Colorado, August 4, 2021] – In a public hearing, Colorado voters turned out in record-breaking numbers to publicly challenge Secretary of State Griswold’s proposed election rules changes.  Prior to the hearing, Colorado citizens submitted over a thousand petitions “overwhelming” the Sec State’s office.  The previous record number of petitions was 17.  The pervasive theme from Colorado voters was a call for a forensic audit of the 2020 election.  Listen to the 8/3/21 hearing.

In a shocking twist, not a single citizen supported Griswold’s proposed rule changes. Griswold and her committee were universally criticized for four hours straight by Colorado voters from all political leanings.  The hearing was originally scheduled to be two hours of testimony but had to be extended on-the-day due to the number of citizens signed-up to testify. 

Powerful citizen testimony mentioned dozens of Colorado counties had over 100% voter turnout on Nov. 3rd, issues with election power being centralized at the state level, and the unconstitutional nature of rule changes that bar third-party audits of Colorado elections past and future. Citizens rallied around the repeated question to Griswold, “What are you hiding?”

Griswold did not personally attend the hearing.  Committee members were called out several times for their inattention to citizen testimony.  One irritated citizen asked if a member would, “stop playing Candy Crush and listen.”  Committee members seemed surprised at the depth of citizens’ understanding of election law, procedures, policies, and experience.  Approximately 60% of the testimonies cited specific rule changes.

• The hearing was originally scheduled to resume on Thursday, August 4th at 10:00 a.m.  but in a last-minute change, the Secretary of State’s Office banned further citizen testimony.

• Petitions and written testimony will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. August 10th, however its rumored and the precedent has been set that the Sec State will likely shorten the window of opportunity early, so citizens are urged to act as quickly as possible. 

• Petitions and submission instructions can be found at


ACTION ITEM: This press release is available for citizens to distribute to news outlets, local papers, TV news outlets, podcasters, YouTubers, etc. If you’ve never submitted a press release to a news outlet, simply download the document (below) and email it to your chosen outlet with a message explaining why the outlet should cover the story via their tips, or story suggestions.

Petitions, Hearings and What to Watch

WAY TO GO Colorado Patriots!  Dictator SOS Jena Griswold and her team have recieved the message loud and clear Colorado Voters do not want The Dictator’s emergency rules to be enacted permanently.  There are 325 officially submitted petitions as of July 20th (we’re also calling this petition 1 of 2 since this petition was first posted 7/1)  What’s interesting is that the Dictator’s office is behind on logging these petitions so the totals will continue to rise. A quote from The Capitol, “We’re totally overwhelmed.  We haven’t seen this many petitions, ever.”   Check for yourself if your petition has been logged and to watch the totals gro

Fast Fact:  It’s been reported that the highest number of petitions received at the SOS’ office is 17.  We have absolutely crushed that with 325 and counting, that’s 19x the number they’ve ever seen before.  Let’s keep it rolling.  We now have a second petition, here’s why…

Dictator Griswold Channels Mentor Stalin:  Griswold has officially denied the public a separate hearing to simply listen to The People about their concerns on the election emergency rules. This is a signal to all CO patriots that Griswold could be planning to ignore citizen’s testimony on her regular rules changes that are in addition to her emergency rules changes. In order to close this potential loophole, please sign, submit and share this SECOND PETITION. We’ve designed it to force Griswold to listen to us. All info, instructions & petition #2 are here.

Power Grabs are Back on the Menu, Boys!  Griswold’s normal rule changes are equally outrageous as the emergency rules.  In summary, The Dictator’s rules do two things.  First, it negates key decision making, auditing, transparency, and oversight abilities from both the County Clerks and Colorado voters who run elections.  Secondly, it centralizes election power to the State.  This is in direct contradiction to our Constitution and the election system our Founding Fathers set-up.  The whole idea of American elections is that the power rests in the hands of the people, decentralized, and on the local level.  Griswold is following the National Dem Playbook by attempting to seize power and centralize it at the state level.  This action sets up the next phase of rolling up the power to the Federal level.   These moves by the elites should be alarming to all Americans. Learn more.

August 3rd Hearing:  Griswold has decided to combine both the emergency rules hearing and her REGULAR rules changes into a single virtual hearing on August 3rd from 1:00- 3:00 pm. Sign up to testify here.  As of now, it appears that testimonies will be five minutes per person and done in the order people have signed up.  If you’ve never testified before it’s easy.  You write out what you want to say, and read it during your scheduled 5 minutes so it’s on the record.  It’s critical that we fill all the slots and don’t allow the opposition to sign up to testify in order to crowd us out.

I’ve Never Testified…What do I Say? First, we’d recommend you don’t drop the F-bomb in your testimony, but this advice only gets you so far.  All joking aside, a partner organization is offering a virtual boot camp to train folks on how to testify, how to say what you want in order to spur action, plus run through the basics of how the whole testifying process works. All who are planning on testifying are asked to attend one of the two sessions due to the nature of the information that will be shared.

Session 1 Sign Up:  Thursday, July 29th 7:00-8:00 pm.  

Session 2 Sign Up:  Monday August 2nd 7:00-8:00 pm.

WWDGD: What Will Dictator Griswold Do?

  • Will Dictator Griswold show up to listen to the people herself or will she command her staff to listen to the plebs in Colorado?
  • Will Dictator Griswold and her staff allow fair testimony from the people, or will she use every trick to delay and silence the folks testifying?  We saw it on the Dec. 14th hearing where the CO House Audit Committee allowed Wayne Williams and Scott Gessler drone on for hours, while the people with objective data and evidence of irregularities and anomalies in the election were cut off prematurely. 
  • Will Dictator Griswold take any of the people’s input onboard and reverse her illegal, unethical, and power consolidating rule changes?  Or will she simply slither over to the AGs Office post-hearing and give AG Weiser a knuck bump?

Griswold and The State have declared war on the people of Colorado…. Our opening salvo is the petition campaign leading to the Aug 3 hearing. This is the FIRST time Griswold and the AG have been challenged at this scale. Stay tuned, engaged, and active Patriots!

Never Trust a Clown

This article is a follow-on to the Only We Can Audit Ourselves published on 6/22/2021.

Colorado voters are engaged and watching SecState Griswold plus County Clerk and Recorders (CCRs) across the state when it comes to election records, and rule changes. In fact, this is not a recent development. Starting in late May 2021 citizen reports have been surfacing detailing the SecState and the CCRs blatant attempts at hiding and stonewalling voters access to information about Dominion voting machine modifications taking place now. Citizens are participating as their civic duty to better understand how Colorado elections are conducted and scrutinizing areas causing questions about security and transparency.

To illustrate the stonewalling, a concerned Fremont voter forwarded their interaction with Fremont County Clerk and Recorder Justin Grantham. This constituent approached Grantham asking when the Dominion modification was scheduled for Fremont Co. Instead of answering the question, Grantham asked why the citizen was enquiring. The citizen politely asked that Grantham delay the modifications based on two facts.

  • Dominion machines have not been properly certified by ProV&V according to the Colorado Constitution.
  • Colorado law requires election records be preserved for twenty-five months.

The voter explained to Grantham that because of the law, they’d like a pause in the Dominion modifications until August based on the rationale that no modifications should be conducted before a forensic analyst could properly preserve all hardware and software files, logs data etc. Grantham refused, citing a string of excuses that are so ridiculous and some flat out inaccurate, it exposes Grantham to be either completely ill-informed, woefully incompetent, or as we’ll find out- on the wrong side of election integrity. 

Below is the Fremont voters play-by-play interaction with Grantham. It starts out with the Fremont voter providing Grantham a source document of Pro V&Vs lapsed credentials from the EAC (Election Assistance Commission). In response to the voter’s documentation Grantham attempts to withhold public information.

Grantham Excuse #1  “Not valid proof because Dominion isn’t specifically mentioned.” 

This comment shows Grantham clearly has zero idea about the CO Constitution when it comes to voting machine certification laws. Grantham asserts that in Pro V&Vs (the testing lab) certification documentation from the EAC that Dominion, a completely independent entity should somehow be specifically mentioned in Pro V&Vs certificate? Perhaps this makes sense in the clown world Grantham lives.

Grantham Excuse #2  “If I pause the update, I will be out of ADA compliance.”

Given the fact that the election is in November, it’s unclear how Grantham is out of ADA compliance.  The voter is asking for a pause until August. That gave Grantham over two months (at the time of the request) before the election to do the modification. According to Dominion modifications are scheduled for two days.

Grantham Excuse #3 “This is a SOS software change.”  

We know the modifications are coordinated with the SoS, but it’s Dominion doing the modification. This response turns out to be quite telling (more on that below).

Grantham Excuse #4 “Also, we don’t use Pro V&V Software.”  Later Grantham clarifies that Pro V&V performs testing on Dominion machines.

Clearly Grantham spoke to someone or did a quick internet search to straighten-out his initial lack of basic understanding and blatantly inaccurate claim.

Grantham Excuse #5 Grantham then delivers The Gold Standard of Excuses, ”They [ProV&V] are current now.” 

Pure hilarity. (every time I run across excuse #4 proofing this piece I crack up harder –imagining Grantham driving a little red car to work and walking across the parking lot to his office; tripping over his big, red, floppy shoes). Grantham tries to sell the voter on the fact that despite being out of legal compliance for the 2020 election, meaning nobody knows (not even the SoS or any CCRs) what the Dominion machines are actually capable of doing – or if they’re secure… they’re good now.  They’re. Good. Now?! Honk. Honk.

Grantham Excuse #6 Grantham claims the lapsed legally mandated PV&V credentials the citizen provided are, “irrelevant.” 

With this type of reasoning what other rules and laws does Grantham think is irrelevant when it comes to elections?

Grantham Excuses #7  Cites CRS 1-5-601.5.

Grantham Excuses #8 Cites The 10th Amendment.  Then, follows up with a challenge:  the voter needs to prove if there are other state laws that force him to delay the update. (Grantham, putting the ass in classy as he works for his constituents.)

Grantham Excuse #9 At this point, fat fingers, nerves, or exasperation takes hold. Grantham claims, “Facebook is not an appropriate avenue (sic) to for formal request.”

As Grantham attempts to straighten himself out by adjusting his bright red nose, and curly rainbow wig, to Grantham’s credit he does invite the voter in for a meeting to talk further.  Hopefully he won’t bring his whoopee cushion.

Given my marketing background, I can’t help but to brand his chorus of faulty excuses, “The Grantham Anthem”, just imagine the background music is played on a kazoo.  The Fremont voter didn’t fall for Grantham’s song and dance.  The reward?  Grantham acquiesced and did tell the truth according to the schedule (above). [The Dominion update] “It’s either the 3rd or 4th week of July.”

In a final flail, Grantham decides to take to the press. In a piece that may have been drafted in crayon, but certainly borders on incomprehensible – he tries to defend his actions. What’s stunning is Grantham’s complete lack of understanding of the system, tech, and the law.  His hubris in challenging an engaged and informed voter who is earnestly and politely posing a legitimate request is quite something.  If Grantham is this lost, it’s clear he hasn’t even considered the implications to Fremont’s election system, the impact on voters, or his potential legal exposure of the Dominion update in terms of preserving election records.

It turns out, Colorado voters are persistent. In response to the public outcry over the wholesale stonewalling by the SOS and CCRs, State Rep. Ron Hanks and his coalition of election integrity minded legislators jumped in on behalf of their constituents. They officially requested the Dominion modification schedule from the SecState which had been hidden from the public. Hanks and his coalition should be commended for working for the people – a seemingly novel idea in today’s political climate. The elected officials were successful in finding out when the updates were happening.2021-colorado-upgrade-routes-date_county-1Download

What’s more interesting however, is the response letter from the SecState that accompanied the modification list. Griswold clearly asserts that anyone interested in election integrity and having a conversation with their local elected officials on the topic are somehow a threat to elected officials’ safety. Worse, Griswold claims that citizens who want to understand the election process in CO are involved in “conspiracy theories.” It seems appropriate to suggest Griswold read The Pentagon Papers, or study the 1960 election between Nixon and Kennedy before she starts throwing around terms she doesn’t grasp.Hanks response letterDownload

With Griswold’s carefully worded warning in the letter, it’s clear she feels entitled in her position. However, the signature of the letter tells a completely different story. Griswold includes signatures from two CCRs, Ortiz (D) of Pueblo County and Justin Grantham (R) of Fremont County. This is clearly a shaky attempt to fortify her weak position with a “bi-partisan coalition” of her own. Given Grantham was one of her picks to shore-up her unethical and possibly illegal behavior, the question becomes; did Griswold take a team-building workshop at #CHAZ or under a Ringling Brothers tent?

Griswold has beclowned herself by claiming conspiracy theories are circulating in CO. In this forwarded email it clearly shows there is indeed a coordinated effort to work against CO voters who are simply seeking the truth. The giveaway that this message comes from the SoS office are the contact names at the bottom. It may be a coincidence, but Judd Chode and Hillary Rudy are the official SoS elections contacts.

The case has been presented that the SecState and the Colorado County Clerks are in cahoots and are fighting against voters who want to find the truth. We also know that Griswold and the CCRs are fully panicked given citizens continue to push for answers. This leads us to the simple answer of why Griswold issuing unethical and potentially illegal emergency rules changes designed to stop citizens from activating third party election audits and a range of other investigative activities.

What can be done to stop this clown show? There is a petition that can be signed and submitted to the SOS. Find out more information on it and easy-to-follow instructions for how to sign, submit and share.

State Rep. Ron Hanks Lights a Fire: Creates Coalition to Challenge Griswold

In a recent show of strength, Rep. Ron Hanks issued a letter to Griswold and a press release challenging Griswold’s questionable and unethical attempt to update all Dominion voting machines in Colorado without notifying the public. What’s worse is once County Clerk and Recorders (CCRs) were asked by their constituents when the updates were to be conducted in their respective counties, vague and contradictory answers were given. Word traveled fast to the SecState from panicked CCRs. Turns out the Sec State is now hiding the update schedule to avoid public scrutiny. What is Griswold, the CCRs, and Dominion hiding?

Hanks took immediate action and created a coalition of “election integrity first” elected officials to join him in challenging Griswold. Strong move by Hanks and Reps Williams, Neville, Sandridge, and Ransom. Question now is why haven’t other elected officials joined Hanks – including Dems?

Action Item 1.) Contact your elected officials to demand they join Hanks’ coalition. Election integrity is a non-partisan issue. Find your legislator here…

Action Item 2.) Share this link with your friends, family, neighbors, and networks and explain why they should take action, too!

Griswold Proposes Additional Election Rule Changes: More Action Required.

In addition to the election “emergency rules” changes, Griswold is adding a whole new set of election rule changes. In summary, these additional rule changes seek to place the power of elections into the state’s hands. Centralizing election power is the enemy of a free Republic. Griswold’s new rules essentially rip the power from the people. Griswold is in direct contradiction to Abraham Lincoln’s notion that elections belong to the people.

Between every election, election rules change. Usually, the new rules are proposed, the SOS takes in written and verbal comment, a few adjustments are made, and the rules enacted. 

Using emergency rule status means the rules are enacted first, public comment via written input and public hearing comes second. 
The August 3rd hearing being held by the Secretary of State on rule making is the usual hearing on pending rule changes that have not yet been enacted. It now is also going to address the already enacted emergency rules about third party audits. 

There are two times listed for this hearing in various communications from the Secretary of State’s office: 1pm and 1:30 pm. 

Below is the file that goes over the changes in election rules that have been proposed through the normal process. The easiest way to review is by starting at page 17 of the pdf file. Unless the SOS changes course due to input, these rules will be enacted for the next election cycle. 

A few of changes being made by these proposed rules (if enacted): 

2.13.2  – Sec of State will now handle inactive voter registration cancelations. (Used to be handled by county clerks.)

7.3.2 through 7.3.5 – Significant reduction of electronic voting/ballot standards, elimination of ballot logs, tracking, etc. 

7.6 – Gutting of checks and balances to prevent abuse of online electronic balloting voters with disabilities.
More information about accessible electronic ballots: ballots can be printed at home on any printer and mailed in via any envelope at this website: In the past, there was an application with an affirmation statement verifiying qualifying disability. It appears these signatures/ballots pinted on home printer paper are to be processed even without the application and in some cases where ID is required, without that ID submitted.

7.7.1 – Counties that use bipartisan judges for 1st level of signature verification of mail ballot signatures (the main way mail ballot voters are determinrined eligible) are no longer allowed to do so. It MUST be only one person of one party.

7.7.13(a) – Automatic signature verification software no longer has to be tested prior to the election.

8.10.2 – As per SB 250 and new state law, watchers are no longer allowed to challenge mail ballots based on discrepant signatures…
8.13 – The alternative of signature escalation cards are also eliminated. (Esclation cards allowed watchers to require a set number of ballots signatures be reviewed at a second level by a second team before acceptance.)

9.2.2 –  Rules around election judge handling of mail ballots of voters determined to be dead by bipartisan election judge teams are very unclear to many.   

10.1.5 – Canvass board role is gutted. If canvass board members or the county clerk finds an issue, they no longer have a rule allowing them to contact election judges to resolve it or for an explanation or correction.

10.3.2 – Canvass board no longer accounts and balances the election. They no longer certify the official abstract of votes. They no longer reconcile the number of ballots cast to the number of voters who voted by reviewing a variety of documents they reveiwed in the past. They used to review detailed logs and statements of ballots. Now they are not required to review these documents.

10.3.3 — If the canvass board identifies a discrepancy in a Statement of Ballots form (which they are no longer required to see) the board may no longer review the particular ballots at issue to identify, correct, and account for the error.

20.11.2 – Elimination of seals, chain of custody logs, transfer logs of voting equipment used in vote centers. Reduces ability to catch acts to tamper with machines store overnight in vote centers.

20.19.5 – Secrecy envelopes no longer required in vote centers. No longer required to track serial numbers of voting equipment or log those who are using admin functions to allow election judges to change counting of overvotes.

Action 1). Written comment on all election rules including these can be found here:

Action 2). If you have concerns about any of these changes, you can email your comments to or register to give verbal comment here:

You can give comment about the emergency rule use regarding third party citizen audits and any other issues with the other election rules as well. 

Action 3). Sign and share the “emergency rules petition”

Action 4). Read Griswold’s Rules

Action 5). Monitor when your petition was received by the SOS