Petitions, Hearings and What to Watch

WAY TO GO Colorado Patriots!  Dictator SOS Jena Griswold and her team have recieved the message loud and clear Colorado Voters do not want The Dictator’s emergency rules to be enacted permanently.  There are 325 officially submitted petitions as of July 20th (we’re also calling this petition 1 of 2 since this petition was first posted 7/1)  What’s interesting is that the Dictator’s office is behind on logging these petitions so the totals will continue to rise. A quote from The Capitol, “We’re totally overwhelmed.  We haven’t seen this many petitions, ever.”   Check for yourself if your petition has been logged and to watch the totals gro

Fast Fact:  It’s been reported that the highest number of petitions received at the SOS’ office is 17.  We have absolutely crushed that with 325 and counting, that’s 19x the number they’ve ever seen before.  Let’s keep it rolling.  We now have a second petition, here’s why…

Dictator Griswold Channels Mentor Stalin:  Griswold has officially denied the public a separate hearing to simply listen to The People about their concerns on the election emergency rules. This is a signal to all CO patriots that Griswold could be planning to ignore citizen’s testimony on her regular rules changes that are in addition to her emergency rules changes. In order to close this potential loophole, please sign, submit and share this SECOND PETITION. We’ve designed it to force Griswold to listen to us. All info, instructions & petition #2 are here.

Power Grabs are Back on the Menu, Boys!  Griswold’s normal rule changes are equally outrageous as the emergency rules.  In summary, The Dictator’s rules do two things.  First, it negates key decision making, auditing, transparency, and oversight abilities from both the County Clerks and Colorado voters who run elections.  Secondly, it centralizes election power to the State.  This is in direct contradiction to our Constitution and the election system our Founding Fathers set-up.  The whole idea of American elections is that the power rests in the hands of the people, decentralized, and on the local level.  Griswold is following the National Dem Playbook by attempting to seize power and centralize it at the state level.  This action sets up the next phase of rolling up the power to the Federal level.   These moves by the elites should be alarming to all Americans. Learn more.

August 3rd Hearing:  Griswold has decided to combine both the emergency rules hearing and her REGULAR rules changes into a single virtual hearing on August 3rd from 1:00- 3:00 pm. Sign up to testify here.  As of now, it appears that testimonies will be five minutes per person and done in the order people have signed up.  If you’ve never testified before it’s easy.  You write out what you want to say, and read it during your scheduled 5 minutes so it’s on the record.  It’s critical that we fill all the slots and don’t allow the opposition to sign up to testify in order to crowd us out.

I’ve Never Testified…What do I Say? First, we’d recommend you don’t drop the F-bomb in your testimony, but this advice only gets you so far.  All joking aside, a partner organization is offering a virtual boot camp to train folks on how to testify, how to say what you want in order to spur action, plus run through the basics of how the whole testifying process works. All who are planning on testifying are asked to attend one of the two sessions due to the nature of the information that will be shared.

Session 1 Sign Up:  Thursday, July 29th 7:00-8:00 pm.  

Session 2 Sign Up:  Monday August 2nd 7:00-8:00 pm.

WWDGD: What Will Dictator Griswold Do?

  • Will Dictator Griswold show up to listen to the people herself or will she command her staff to listen to the plebs in Colorado?
  • Will Dictator Griswold and her staff allow fair testimony from the people, or will she use every trick to delay and silence the folks testifying?  We saw it on the Dec. 14th hearing where the CO House Audit Committee allowed Wayne Williams and Scott Gessler drone on for hours, while the people with objective data and evidence of irregularities and anomalies in the election were cut off prematurely. 
  • Will Dictator Griswold take any of the people’s input onboard and reverse her illegal, unethical, and power consolidating rule changes?  Or will she simply slither over to the AGs Office post-hearing and give AG Weiser a knuck bump?

Griswold and The State have declared war on the people of Colorado…. Our opening salvo is the petition campaign leading to the Aug 3 hearing. This is the FIRST time Griswold and the AG have been challenged at this scale. Stay tuned, engaged, and active Patriots!

3 thoughts on “Petitions, Hearings and What to Watch

  1. Epoch times article for July 28,2020, sounds like the Federal Government will take over control from the states for elections! Isn’t that unconstitutional?
    “Department of Justice Warns States Against Violating Federal Law With Audits”
    So our 5 minute testimony from a state citizen will be Summarily ignored!!!!! Please tell me there’s a point to this that makes sense!!! Our votes were stolen, canceled by flooding in fraudulent ballots, and in every other way (harvesting, drop boxes, etc)


    1. If you read the news updates on the site and many of the other USEIP comms, you’ll see that this petition drive is our opening salvo with the SecState. These petitions are the first step in a number of action steps that will result in change! Participate, Share the information, and stay strong! The fight has just begun.


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