Welcome Patriot!

We’re so glad you’re here. The U.S. Integrity Plan, USEIP was established with a dozen members from varying political backgrounds. We came together to get a better understanding of what happened in the 2020 elections, to find the truth, expose the truth, and share the truth. It’s that plain and simple. If there was fraud in 2020 let’s find it, fix it, and hold those responsible accountable. If it’s discovered there was no fraud, we’ll be the first to promote that true message.

The Republic is at stake if we don’t first fix our elections. It’s up to us to create change at the local level.

Now, We Are The Plan.

How to Take Immediate Action

Elections belong to the people… Abraham Lincoln

Get to know your local County Clerk and Recorder plus your county commissioners. Go in, introduce yourself, talk to them, help educate them on what’s happening with our elections and communicate your concerns.

Stay tuned for next steps!

Official Statements

False Claims

Propaganda generating leftist journalists in CO have been falsely claiming that USEIP is affiliated with QAnon. The goal is to link unaffiliated, non-partisan, 100% volunteer organization USEIP with domestic terrorism. USEIP soundly denounces any violence and does not support any violent action, nor claims any responsibility over our volunteers actions. Report false claims of QAnon affiliation, author, and outlet here…

Griswold/Polis Recall Effort

USEIP is not officially supporting the the current recall effort due to our non-partisan status.

Knowledge Base

We’ve assembled a comprehensive library of election integrity resources. Our goal is to become the go-to place for anyone seeking the truth about our elections. Seek, Learn, Share.

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