Election Day 2022 and beyond….

Let’s stay involved and participate in the election process. If you happen to witness any suspicious activity at voting centers, processing locations, drop boxes etc. report what you see, even if you don’t think it’s a big deal. Wherever you decide to report your issue, please send a copy to TellUSEIP@protonmail.com

True the Vote Tip Line 855-585-2022

The USEIP Colorado Canvassing Report

The video is a presentation by Col. Shawn Smith (ret.) USAF and the chief author of the report, Jeff Young. They explain the highlights of the report and its implications. Following the presentation is a Q and A session with Ashe Epp and Holly Kasun. Also included are short videos made by canvassing volunteers explaining what they found during their first-hand canvassing experiences.

Help put the pressure on the elected officials of Colorado by emailing about the Colorado Election Reports.

The 2nd Mesa County Forensic Report

Forensic Investigation finds violations of federal law designed into Colorado Election System.

The Hanks et. al vs. Griswold Case

This is a lawsuit against CO Secretary of State Griswold brought by legislators, county clerks and county commissioners against the overreach of Griswold. Essentially, Griswold is prohibiting these elected officials from doing their jobs when it comes to following state and federal law, properly overseeing, managing, and administering local elections…

Today there was a hearing to dismiss. The plaintiffs’ lawyer John Case made strong arguments for the case to be heard. Griswold’s defense’s key moment… When asked whether the Clerks and Commissioners had the responsibility to preserve election records for 22 months (federal statute) her reply, “no.”

The ruling on whether the case will be heard will be at least a week from today, March 11, 2022.

This is not a suit brought by USEIP. There is a legal fund set up to help fund the Hanks et al vs. Griswold suit

Official USEIP Statements

False Claims

Propaganda generating leftist journalists in CO have been falsely claiming that USEIP is affiliated with QAnon. The goal is to link unaffiliated, non-partisan, 100% volunteer organization USEIP with domestic terrorism. USEIP soundly denounces any violence and does not support any violent action, nor claims any responsibility over our volunteers actions. Report false claims of QAnon affiliation, author, and outlet here…

Colorado Newsline: Paid Propaganda in Colorado

Funding for Colorado Newsline is channeled through a series of shell companies and funds stemming from Soros & Marc Elias formerly of Perkins Coie.

Here’s how it works: Soros et al, through Arabella, through 1630 dark money fund, through North Fund, through States News, which supports Colorado Newsline. North Fund also supports Democracy Docket LLC/-Action Fund/-Legal Fund. 

These are Russiagate/Clinton lawyer Marc Elias’ funds; he is also defending Griswold in Judicial Watch v. Griswold.

In summary, reporters from Colorado Newsline work for Griswold’s attorney, who works for Soros (who also backed Griswold).

USEIP Does Not Officially Support or Endorse the Griswold and Polis Recall Effort

Given USEIP is non-partisan, independent and 100% focused on election integrity issues, the current recall effort falls outside of USEIP’s official activities.

The Mesa 1 Report

When the 2020 election fraud deniers claim, “there is no proof of election fraud”, here’s just one sample of objective, irrefutable evidence of election fraud. Check out the source documents…

Knowledge Base

We’ve assembled a comprehensive library of election integrity resources. Our goal is to become the go-to place for anyone seeking the truth about our elections. Seek, Learn, Share.

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