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We started the US Election Integrity Plan after the 2020 election because we recognized the fraud immediately and, frankly, we were angry and moved to act. A group of three strangers met at the Colorado State Capitol on November 7. The following Saturday a few more strangers met this group, and by November 21, with a few more motivated freedom fighters, this group of activists decided to get organized.

Since then we’ve forced a legislative hearing on a forensic audit of Dominion in Colorado (lost on party line vote), we’ve worked with State legislators to craft Election Integrity and Voter Accuracy legislation for Colorado, we’ve added over 300 local activists to our Colorado team (and we are organizing for action), and we recently onboarded Washington, Georgia, Arizona and New Hampshire to the USEIP family! These teams are in various stages of standing up, and you can expect to hear more from them soon. We are actively in discussions with activists from other states to bring those states online. Are you ready to restore election integrity IRL, in your state?

Our USEIP vision is to be the connective tissue of the Constitutionalist Election Integrity movement. Every grassroots organization we have spoken to has established an election integrity committee or similar. Our objective is to connect all these efforts for maximum impact at a very local level.

We will restore the Republic. First we fix the election.

Change happens at the local level. We are the plan.

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