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Dear Executive Office Member,

There is overwhelming evidence that Secretary of State Jena Griswold directed efforts to illegally destroy election records in Colorado. Federal and State law require those election records be preserved, as critical evidence in any prospective audit or investigation of election conduct. As an elected representative of the People of Colorado, you have an obligation to investigate this evidence and take the appropriate actions.

Attached to this email are three reports: Mesa County Colorado Voting Systems Report #1 with Forensic Examination and Analysis – September 2021 (MR1), Mesa County Colorado Voting System Report #2 Forensic Examination and Analysis Report (MR2), and the Colorado Canvassing Report (CCR). The evidence within these reports is summarized here.

PLEASE NOTE: Each bullet is a separate violation and/or offense, so please read the full list:

Destruction of Evidence

  • Thousands of election records were destroyed by the SOS and vendor – records that are required to be preserved under Federal and State law. (MR1)
  • The destroyed election records eliminate the possibility of a complete forensic election audit and impede any investigation or conclusions regarding conduct of elections on those affected voting systems. (MR1, MR2)
  • The Dominion Voting System was configured, in accordance with vendor manuals mandated by the SOS, to automatically delete election records comprised of voting system log files. Furthermore, the SOS destroyed election records, including system log files, during the “Trusted Build.” (MR1, MR2)

Unauthorized Connectivity of Voting Systems

  • The electronic voting systems contained 36 separate wireless devices that might allow unauthorized, undetected (due to system configuration and deletion of log files) connections to the internet and/or other external devices. (MR2)
  • Electronic voting systems used in Colorado elections have been demonstrated to be insecure and non-compliant with Colorado’s minimum statutory standards, indicting the testing and certification requirements intended to ensure the purity of Colorado elections and safeguard the elective franchise of Colorado citizens. (MR2)

Law Violations

  • The election system was illegally certified. (MR1)
  • Uncertified software was illegally installed on the Mesa County election server. (MR2)
  • Canvassing data indicate between 5% – 11% of voters (and votes) are tainted by anomalies and irregularities, and 42.5% of these irregularities are violations of the Colorado Revised Statutes (CCR). These inaccuracies in Colorado voter rolls and voter history reflect the failure of the Colorado Secretary of State to ensure the technological security of the Statewide
  • Colorado Registration and Election (SCORE) system in accordance with Federal law,1 or the violation of numerous Colorado election-related statutes, or both. Of the 42.5%:
    • 55%: The voter did not live at the address at the time of the 2020 election, but a ballot was cast in their name from that address (55%). Violation of CRS 1-2-2282, 1-13-709.53
    • 12%: Party affiliation changed without authorization. Violation of CRS 1-2-218.54
    • 09%: Voter did not cast a ballot, but records indicate a ballot was cast in their name Violation of CRS 1-13-112,5 1-13-7056
    • 08%: The voter did cast a ballot, but records do not indicate a ballot was cast. Violation of CRS 1-13-704,7 1-13-107,8 1-13-112,9 1-13-72310

You have an obligation and duty to investigate this evidence. Specifically, we request that you.

1. Commission a comprehensive, independent forensic investigation of the Colorado 2020 elections.

2. Conduct a comprehensive investigation of the conduct of Secretary of State Griswold, the Trusted Build, and all voting system vendors in Colorado, with respect to compliance with Federal and State law.

3. Pursue injunction orders, including preservation of all remaining 2020 election records, which prohibit Secretary Griswold and her office from election oversight, at least until all criminal investigations implied by MR1, MR2, and CCR, and required under Federal and State law are completed and the civil legal action against the Secretary of State (Hanks et al v. Griswold) is resolved, and which appoint a temporary Chief Election Official for the State of Colorado, to fulfill the Secretary of State’s election-related duties.


Concerned Citizen

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