Our Mission

CONNECT: Enable election integrity groups, efforts, to share knowledge and resources.
FIND THE TRUTH: What’s REALLY true regarding our elections and systems.
SHARE THE TRUTH: Publicize and educate citizens, the media, and public officials.
RESTORE ELECTION INTEGRITY: Restore confidence in Colorado elections by implementing the Built for Integrity Plan for in person voting by paper, hand counted on the precinct level.

Mail-in voting is only available to qualified individuals (infirm, ADA, UOCAVA etc.) and voter rolls must be decentralized and managed on the county level.

All ballot counting will be done under hd cameras and results made available to the public in a free and transparent fashion.

Restoring trust in our elections also includes holding elected officials who have not upheld their oath of office to conduct free and fair elections accountable.

  • Established on November 7th, 2020 in response to the overwhelming evidence of election irregularities and in some cases outright election fraud in 2020.
  • 100% volunteer, grassroots, unaffiliated, and non-partisan.
  • USEIP does not take donations. 100% citizens, self-funded.
  • Became the first and only organization in Colorado to be solely dedicated to election integrity.
  • Established local representation in nearly all Colorado counties.
  • Created the first USEIP chapter: Colorado.
  • Expanded chapters to include: Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire. Other states are continually onboarding.
  • Connected over 40 organizations that share a common interest in election integrity.
  • Held peaceful election integrity rallies at the CO State Capital.
  • Facilitated and organized the Dec. 14th, 2020 hearing in front of the CO State House Audit Committee. Citizens testified, presenting objective data showing election irregularities in CO.

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