Our Mission

CONNECT: Enable election integrity groups, efforts, to share knowledge and resources.
FIND THE TRUTH: What’s REALLY true regarding our elections and systems.
SHARE THE TRUTH: Publicize and educate citizens, the media, and public officials.
RESTORE ELECTION INTEGRITY: Restore confidence in Colorado elections by holding elected officials accountable.

  • Established on November 7th, 2020 in response to blatant election fraud in 2020.
  • 100% volunteer, grassroots, unaffiliated, and non-partisan.
  • USEIP does not take donations. 100% member funded.
  • Became the first and only organization in Colorado to be solely dedicated to election integrity.
  • Established local representation in nearly all Colorado counties.
  • Created the first USEIP chapter: Colorado.
  • Expanded chapters to include: Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire. Other states are continually onboarding.
  • Connected over 40 organizations that share a common interest in election integrity.
  • Held peaceful election integrity rallies at the CO State Capital.
  • Facilitated and organized the Dec. 14th, 2020 hearing in front of the CO State House Audit Committee. Members testified, presenting objective data showing election irregularities in CO.

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