Griswold Shuts Down Citizen Testimony

Sec State Griswold has prematurely shut down citizen testimony on the election rules hearing.  There were 50 citizens signed up to testify in the Aug 3 hearing that was supposed to continue into a second day given the citizen turnout.   Griswold stopped it!  It may be illegal for her to shut citizens out from the testimony procedure. 

Written testimony was officially announced to be accepted until Aug. 10.  Now that has been shut down.  What the hell is going on?  Tyranny in its purest form! 

ACTION:  call or email the SOS office and ask why they’re banning citizen input on illegal and unethical election rule changes!  
Sec State office: 303-894-2200 CC

Griswold Hides From CO Voter Testimony


[Bi Partisan Colorado Voters Submit Over One Thousand Petitions – Challenging Unconstitutional Elections Rules Changes in Hearing]

[Denver, Colorado, August 4, 2021] – In a public hearing, Colorado voters turned out in record-breaking numbers to publicly challenge Secretary of State Griswold’s proposed election rules changes.  Prior to the hearing, Colorado citizens submitted over a thousand petitions “overwhelming” the Sec State’s office.  The previous record number of petitions was 17.  The pervasive theme from Colorado voters was a call for a forensic audit of the 2020 election.  Listen to the 8/3/21 hearing.

In a shocking twist, not a single citizen supported Griswold’s proposed rule changes. Griswold and her committee were universally criticized for four hours straight by Colorado voters from all political leanings.  The hearing was originally scheduled to be two hours of testimony but had to be extended on-the-day due to the number of citizens signed-up to testify. 

Powerful citizen testimony mentioned dozens of Colorado counties had over 100% voter turnout on Nov. 3rd, issues with election power being centralized at the state level, and the unconstitutional nature of rule changes that bar third-party audits of Colorado elections past and future. Citizens rallied around the repeated question to Griswold, “What are you hiding?”

Griswold did not personally attend the hearing.  Committee members were called out several times for their inattention to citizen testimony.  One irritated citizen asked if a member would, “stop playing Candy Crush and listen.”  Committee members seemed surprised at the depth of citizens’ understanding of election law, procedures, policies, and experience.  Approximately 60% of the testimonies cited specific rule changes.

• The hearing was originally scheduled to resume on Thursday, August 4th at 10:00 a.m.  but in a last-minute change, the Secretary of State’s Office banned further citizen testimony.

• Petitions and written testimony will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. August 10th, however its rumored and the precedent has been set that the Sec State will likely shorten the window of opportunity early, so citizens are urged to act as quickly as possible. 

• Petitions and submission instructions can be found at


ACTION ITEM: This press release is available for citizens to distribute to news outlets, local papers, TV news outlets, podcasters, YouTubers, etc. If you’ve never submitted a press release to a news outlet, simply download the document (below) and email it to your chosen outlet with a message explaining why the outlet should cover the story via their tips, or story suggestions.

4 thoughts on “Griswold Shuts Down Citizen Testimony

  1. Why was this not publicized more widely, so more citizens could participate?
    What do you have to hide?
    I already know the answer.
    You are acting like you are GOD!
    You will be replaced by someone we can trust to do the business of the people; not yours or George Soros!


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