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The First Petition’s Objective: Stop Griswold’s Unconstitutional Election Emergency Rules that Block Election Integrity

On June 17th, SecState Jena Griswold issued a notice of “emergency rules”. This mandate announced that no third parties are allowed to audit Colorado’s elections. Not only is this unconstitutional, it’s a grotesque overreach of Government power. Elections belong to the people, not elected state officials, unelected bureaucrats, or vendors such as Dominion.

USEIP is asking for participation in our petition drive.  This is not a “scream at the sky” effort.  These petitions will lead to legal action.  Please follow the directions below to fill out and submit the petition for yourself as soon as possible. 

We’re also asking that you copy/paste the content below the line and include the petition in an email, then share it with friends, family, neighbors, and your other networks. 

Hello Colorado Voter,

It’s time to take action against Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s tyrannical attempt to block election transparency in Colorado. Last week “XiJingJena” announced her unilateral decision to prohibit any independent audits of Colorado elections through a set of “emergency rules” that do not meet the required threshold to be legal and constitutional.

We must take action to stop the SecState’s unconstitutional, unethical action. Griswold took an oath. She broke that oath. Griswold needs to be held accountable to all Colorado citizens for eliminating a “fair playing field” when it comes to our state elections.

Here’s how you can take action:

  1. Download the attached petition (below) demanding that SecState Griswold void her emergency rules on election audits.
  2. Fill out the highlighted areas on the petition with your information. Pro Tip: To add your signature to a word Doc without printing, take a picture of your signature and insert it in your petition in the signature line.
  3. Email a copy of your petition (save it as a .pdf) to:,
  4. Your respective state legislators: Here’s where to find your legislators
  5. Below is sample copy for your email (or mail), feel free to edit

To Whom it May Concern,

Colorado elections belong to the people. Unfortunately, SecState Griswold does not agree. In her June 17th emergency rules proclamation, Griswold unilaterally attempted to block election transparency in our state.

This action is unethical, legally questionable, and outrageous. I demand SecState Griswold void her emergency rules on election audits in order to guarantee CO citizen’s rights to free, fair, and transparent elections.

4. For emphasis we suggest mailing a printed copy of your completed petition to:

Colorado Secretary of State
1700 Broadway
Suite 550
Denver, CO 80290

5. Share this message with five friends. Either by email or print out extra copies of the petition and bring them to your Fourth of July celebrations for other patriots to sign and send! Have fun “blasting” Jena this 4th!

Your participation in this petition drive will result in swift and robust legal action!

Stay tuned Patriot! Next steps in the fight for election integrity will be communicated as our plan rolls out!

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PDF Version

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