State Rep. Ron Hanks Lights a Fire: Creates Coalition to Challenge Griswold

In a recent show of strength, Rep. Ron Hanks issued a letter to Griswold and a press release challenging Griswold’s questionable and unethical attempt to update all Dominion voting machines in Colorado without notifying the public. What’s worse is once County Clerk and Recorders (CCRs) were asked by their constituents when the updates were to be conducted in their respective counties, vague and contradictory answers were given. Word traveled fast to the SecState from panicked CCRs. Turns out the Sec State is now hiding the update schedule to avoid public scrutiny. What is Griswold, the CCRs, and Dominion hiding?

Hanks took immediate action and created a coalition of “election integrity first” elected officials to join him in challenging Griswold. Strong move by Hanks and Reps Williams, Neville, Sandridge, and Ransom. Question now is why haven’t other elected officials joined Hanks – including Dems?

Action Item 1.) Contact your elected officials to demand they join Hanks’ coalition. Election integrity is a non-partisan issue. Find your legislator here…

Action Item 2.) Share this link with your friends, family, neighbors, and networks and explain why they should take action, too!

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