Lawless SoS Griswold Attacks Hero Clerk Peters: National Spotlight on CO Election Issues

Cyber Symposium: CO, Peters, and USEIP Steal Spotlight 

Last week, the world watched as Colorado grabbed global headlines by showcasing its anomalies in 2020 election data.  Many were stunned at the depth and breadth of the accomplishments of Colorado voters achieved in their pursuit of the truth of the 2020 elections.  

USEIP volunteers, too many to name, were instrumental both on-stage and behind the scenes with communications, data, process, and equipment analysis that facilitated a successful symposium. Many who had never seen Dr. Frank’s data were shocked to see that in his modeling and analysis, his publicly available data-set is from Colorado.  

The mock election demonstration by Ret. USAF Col. Shawn Smith of USEIP clearly demonstrates in a 7 minute video exactly how to commit election fraud with the current Dominion machines and how easy it is to make the paper ballot count match up with the fraudulent results.  Smith’s work shows any election official denying the possibility of the fraud happening through the machines is flat-out wrong.  More from Smith on the symposium…

While many were disappointed in not seeing the payoff of Lindell’s promise of irrefutable proof showing that “China hacked and stole the 2020 elections through ‘the machines’”, there were realities of happenings behind the scenes that somewhat stopped that from happening in the way many expected.  Most importantly, Lindell’s team was apprised of the situation that the data to be presented was to be “poison pilled.” Which means ruined, marred, or fully damaged through illegal inputs or deletions. Lindell’s team made the executive call to avoid damage to the raw data.  What this means is that Lindell still has the full set of unmolested data that still has been and can be further analyzed and presented in court.  Watch for more to come on this in the coming weeks. 

The Smoking Gun: Mesa News Breaks at Symposium

Unexpectedly, Tina Peters the County Clerk and Recorder of Mesa County (Gold Star Mother, cancer survivor, and first-term election official) emerged as a national hero during the symposium, putting a face and story to the data that was presented and analyzed in real-time on day two of the event.  Tina’s bravery showed the world that, in Colorado, we have a lawless, unethical, and potentially criminal Colorado Secretary of State. Jena Griswold continues to overstep the legal parameters of her office in an attempt to cover her actions, in partnership with Dominion, in the November 2020 election.  Full story here…

THE SMOKING GUN:  Election Records that are legally supposed to be preserved for 25 months per Colorado law, and 22 months according to Federal Law have been deleted from Mesa County’s Dominion machines.  Proven by ‘before and after’ data evidence. Investigations are underway.  Get smart on how Dominion and audits work Read More….

Griswold Shocks Nation with Wild Overreach: Raids

  • Griswold raided Clerk Peter’s office on August 10th with the approval of Mesa County DA, Dan Rubenstein and the newly appointed Sheriff Matt Lewis.  View warrant documents: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, DA and Sheriff’s contact info.
  • Griswold raided a home, in the middle of the night, with four children asleep. In the raid all electronics were confiscated, including children’s devices.  This is related to the earlier raid.  
  • Griswold then raided Peter’s office a second time where she, in cooperation with Mesa County DA and Sheriff, seized the voting equipment.  Strangely there was no accounting of the equipment that was taken, 

Griswold Goes Totalitarian:  Clear Violation of CO Law

Griswold states she is going to appoint Peter’s replacement (potentially temporary) for the Nov elections in Mesa County.  Bottom-Line: Griswold has no authority whatsoever to remove from position nor appoint any election officer designated by the governing jurisdiction (County Commissioners) in a county.  She might as well be Xi Jinping, declaring herself ruler.  In fact, CO State Rep. Ron Hanks calls for Griswold’s resignation. Her ONLY statutory path for enforcement is through injunction in the applicable District Court, on the basis of motion filed by CO Attorney General.  In fact, Griswold herself, is likely in violation of 52 USC 20701. County Commissioners, the DA and the Sheriff in Mesa are now faced with whether or not they’ll allow The State to come in and rule Mesa, or are they going to stand up for the citizens and the rule of law?

Griswold’s Hand-Picked Surrogate Operatives: SERIOUS Conflicts of Interest

The two people selected to run the Mesa Co elections are Wayne Williams, current El Paso City Council member and Senior Advisor to Runbeck Election Systems and Mesa County Treasurer Sheila Reiner.  Here are the conflicts of interest of both questionable potential appointees. Additional context read more…

Wayne Williams Power Grabbing and Making Money Off Elections

  • Already holds office – Currently Sits on the City Council of El Paso County along with his wife, a current El Paso County Commissioner. 
  • Works for Runbeck Currently the Senior Advisor of Runbeck Election Services. – a ballot printing and election automation company headquartered in Arizona.  Runbeck has been accused of being involved in pre-printing ballots across the U.S. proof of this is expected to surface as details from the Maricopa Audit Report are analyzed. 
  • Mesa is a customer of Runbeck Mesa County recently signed a $100(k)-$300(k) ballot printing contract with Runbeck in July of 2021.
  • Forced Dominion mandated the use of Dominion machines across Colorado in 2015. forcing all CO counties to adopt the sketchy technology.  Counties had to sue Williams to opt-out of machine adoption. 
  • Called on Peters to resign in the midst of the current investigation.  Completely without fact or full understanding of the case.  Republicans are calling out Williams for his irresponsible and foolish declaration.  Read State Rep. Ron Hanks statement…
  • Claims no fraud in CO, repeats “gold standard” trope Williams has a vested interest in ensuring no fraud is found in CO given his past actions as SoS, Dominion advocate, and current position with Runbeck. 
  • CO Election officials reject Williams as a choice for Mesa elections official.

Sheila Reiner Playing Dirty:  Re-registers to Certify Elections on Aug. 3 While Acting Mesa Treasurer — Acts On Grudge Against Peters… 

  • Reiner tried and failed to recall Peters  Reiner led the effort to recall Peters from office in 2020.
  • Planned to get re-involved in Mesa elections — before all this: Reiner is currently the Mesa County Treasurer.  In an unexplained twist, records show Reiner re-upped her official credentials to run and certify elections on August 3, 2021, according to her Facebook post.  This suggests Reiner may have had previous knowledge of Griswold’s plans to raid Peter’s office and frame Tina for the leak that came from the Secretary of State’s Office. Further official investigation is warranted.
  • Scandal plagued Reiner – Reiner left her position as CCR in the midst of a security scandal.  Once Peters was in office after defeating Reiner, Peters discovered troubling security breaches that Reiner and her staff had committed with access issues (keys, access cards etc.)  Peters presented the information to the Mesa County DA, Rubinstein but he refused to investigate the case.  Now DA Rubenstein is investigating Peters.
  • Lied about party affiliation – Several Mesa residents have come forward mentioning that Reiner is not actually a Republican.  Sherronna Bishop, America’s Mom explains she was talking with Reiner at a women’s political meeting in Mesa County; asking why Reiner was leading the recall of Tina Peters a fellow Republican. “It didn’t make sense.  I didn’t know Tina well at the time, but she had been delivering on all her campaign promises“.  When Bishop pushed further, Reiner gave a duplicitous response, “Everyone knows a Democrat can’t get elected in Mesa…”.  Did Reiner lie about her political affiliation to get elected? 
  • Reiner in bed with Dems, Dominion, and dirty CO County Clerks Association Sure, we can all have friends and colleagues – on the other hand, we are judged by the company we keep. This raises real issues for Reiner in terms of being objective and unbiased when it comes to Peters and Mesa County.

Connecting the Dots: Why Did Griswold Pick Reiner to Replace Peters?

Griswold looks to be in serious legal trouble that continues to mount.  Why would Griswold raid, threaten, seize, and now illegally appointing election surrogates in Mesa?  Clearly there’s something she does NOT want the public to see.  Turns out Griswold is following in the footsteps of Raffensberger as he attempts to put Fulton County GA in receivership in order to get his hands on the data, machines, records, paper ballots etc. in order to cover his tracks.  Griswold’s moves in Mesa are straight from the playbook.  The goal is to gain control of the array of election records through either compromised surrogate Williams or Reiner.  Watch for this pattern of “cover-up power grabs” to continue across the U.S. as more counties and states conduct election forensic audits.

Can’t Spell Feckless Without a KBB 

Turns out the CO GOP Chair Kristi Burton Brown is as feckless as the rest of the GOP establishment across the nation when it comes to election integrity.  In a leaked message KBB’s cowardice and lack of understanding of the law is on full display as she encourages candidates to steer clear of the fight in Mesa County.  In fact, KBB declined to do her homework that would show many of Griswold’s claims have no legal backing. However, it’s no surprise.  KBB has been completely silent on the topic of election integrity since she’s been elected in December.  Among her growing list of failures:

  • Broken promises to work with “the grassroots” on election integrity.
  • Republican voter registrations bleed  With KBB at the helm, she’s responsible for dismal results.  The CO GOP is bleeding registered members in synch with the CO DNC trend.  Bottom line, unaffiliated voters show strong growth showing voters on both sides are done with the uniparty establishment.  
  • Bending the knee to Griswold. During KBB’s run for State GOP Chair, she used the work and experience of election integrity experts in Boulder County as her foundation for her position on election integrity. The BoCo team had worked for years to make headway to ensure free and fair elections in a navy blue county. Jena took KBB’s election integrity platform (based on BoCo’s work), analyzed it, deconstructed it point-by-point and ensured all BoCo’s forward progress was dismantled through Griswold’s Emergency Rules and Permanent Rules changes. What’s so incredibly sad is that KBB didn’t stand up against Griswold’s overreach and defend the good work of the County GOP teams on EI which she gladly used to get elected. Instead, she sat silent cowering as Griswold ate the GOP’s lunch.
  • Declining to fight – Declining to testify at the Aug. 3 hearing against Griswold’s emergency and permanent election rules that hurt all CO voters. 

Tone deaf KBB is following Rona McDaniels marching orders straight from the top of the RNC by using election integrity to raise money, but when the fight is real – turning into cowards and running from the election integrity fight. 

Lucky, the County GOP Chairs are independent and are not required to report to the weak and ineffective State GOP.  Expect to see CO voters supporting conservative candidates directly.  Those who are values and issues aligned, but do not want to be labeled “Republican” will have support from the mass of “unaffiliated” voters in upcoming elections. 


4 thoughts on “Lawless SoS Griswold Attacks Hero Clerk Peters: National Spotlight on CO Election Issues

  1. Trust in our election process is absolutely necessary for our form of government to survive. False information undermines this trust. Aren’t all ballots paper. How are the machines used? If only to count paper ballots then the RLA can determine if they were counted correctly. Give me the facts. Cut the partisan rhetoric. This is far too important.
    And if you suggest a forensic audit, who gets to choose it? Give the bi-partisan Canvass Board, members of the county, more power and then ultimate responsibility of signing off on the election. (Of course this then puts a bullseye on the back of the Board members. But if you can’t trust your neighbors, why should you trust an outsider?)


  2. Please Please Conejos County Clerk Nathan Ruybol needs investigated! This Panda head sets out in the middle of nowhere in NM/CO Border not far from Antonito. Dirty Governments too often lead to Evil things

    On Mon, Aug 23, 2021, 10:57 AM U.S. Election Integrity Plan wrote:

    > Holly at Altitude posted: ” Cyber Symposium: CO, Peters, and USEIP Steal > Spotlight Last week, the world watched as Colorado grabbed global > headlines by showcasing its anomalies in 2020 election data. Many were > stunned at the depth and breadth of the accomplishments of C” >


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