USEIP County & Local Organizing Playbook is Now Available!

Since we began organizing in November 2020, we have documented our efforts, on all fronts, to be able to ensure that we don’t continually recreate the wheel, and so that we can provide resources (and a lot of lessons learned) for patriots in other states, counties, and localities. The resources provided here are free of charge. USEIP is an association of like-minded people working together to affect change locally. We don’t raise funds, and we don’t accept donations for any of the work we are doing. No one owns USEIP, and we don’t want your money either. We want YOU.

No, not to join USEIP. I mean, we’re awesome, but that’s not our goal. We want you to bring your skills, talents, and God-given passions to the movement to restore our Republic. Gather, understand what resources you have collectively – what skills, talents, and passions everyone brings to the table – and get to work. It’s going to take every single one of us.

We are scientists, mathematicians, cyber security experts, community organizers, writers, artists, former politicians, current and former military, corporate strategists, digital experts, super moms, pastors, prayer warriors, and so much more. We are young and we are old. We are black, white, and brown. We are the American People. AND, WE ARE THE PLAN.

Note! This content is provided, free of charge, for you to use. Do not monetize it. Thank you!

U.S. Election INTEGRITY PLAN. COPYRIGHT 2020-2021, USEIP. All Rights Reserved.

6 thoughts on “USEIP County & Local Organizing Playbook is Now Available!

  1. I’m an American Hat Maker if anyone is looking for a handmade historically correct felt hat I’ve been looking for a great cause to help out. I’m not quite up and going since disability but I’m almost there!

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    1. Elizabeth, I love to purchase American products and I love your offer of an American made hat! A hat for me is especially important since I am a little shy of hair up top. 😁 Nonetheless, I’m just now coming on board slowly with USEIP and I was recently thinking how nice it would be to have something to wear that tastefully displayed my point of view. If you would be so kind as to send me a website as to what you have to offer, I’d be more than happy to look at it and possibly make a purchase and I will certainly pass on you site to others. 😉 Blessings to on getting better soon🙏 God Bless America🙏

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  2. Hello,I’m in Yates County. I went up in front of 14 legislators last week over NYS businesses failing due to threatened vax passports…Im ready to take my county, state and country back. I sold real estate in WNY for 15 years.
    I would like help taking whatever nessesary steps I need to take,legally.

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