Griswold and Republicans Aligned: Obstruct Election Challenges and Prohibit Transparency

District Attorney Dan Rubenstein, the Mesa County DA investigating Peters, said that her request for travel was denied by the court. Counsel for Peters, a Gold Star Mother and cancer survivor, says the issue was a clerical error. The judge sided with the state and it appears for now that they are going to put Clerk Peters back in jail.

USEIP Data Analytics Guide Now Available!

Ask and you shall receive! Many of you have asked about the data and analytics side of our canvassing effort. Here it is: The amazing Data Jeff and team has compiled this guide for other states to use. Like all USEIP content, if you have questions just ask! We’d love to help get you guysContinue reading “USEIP Data Analytics Guide Now Available!”

USEIP County & Local Organizing Playbook is Now Available!

We are scientists, mathematicians, cyber security experts, community organizers, writers, artists, former politicians, current and former military, corporate strategists, digital experts, super moms, pastors, prayer warriors, and so much more. We are young and we are old. We are black, white, and brown. We are the American People. AND, WE ARE THE PLAN.

Election Integrity or Gaslighting

By Peg Cage “Gaslighting is an elaborate and insidious[i] technique of deception and psychological[ii] manipulation… to gradually undermine the victim’s confidence in his own ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong, or reality from appearance, thereby rendering him pathologically dependent on the gaslighter in his thinking or feelings.”[iii] We the concerned electors of Colorado should wonderContinue reading “Election Integrity or Gaslighting”