Griswold and Republicans Aligned: Obstruct Election Challenges and Prohibit Transparency

JULY 14, 2022 – MESA COUNTY, CO. On Thursday morning, Judge Matthew D. Barrett of Colorado’s 21st Judicial District issued an arrest warrant for Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters. He also revoked her $25,000 cash bond and called for her to be held in jail pending a hearing. Peters is facing multiple indictments for the actions she took to preserve election evidence last spring.

Earlier this week, on July 12, Peters spoke at a Nevada event hosted by the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA). Peters discussed the asymmetrical treatment she has received from the Colorado justice system, affirmed that she has not conceded from her race, and delivered a scathing rebuke of Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (CD3). A spokesperson for Congresswoman Boebert denied all allegations. 

District Attorney Dan Rubenstein, the Mesa County DA investigating Peters, said that her request for travel was denied by the court. Counsel for Peters, a Gold Star Mother and cancer survivor, says the issue was a clerical error. The judge sided with the state and it appears for now that they are going to put Clerk Peters back in jail.

The ongoing political persecution of Peters is tyrannical and unjust – just a couple years ago it would have been unthinkable for a sitting elected official to treat their political opponent in a reelection campaign in the manner that Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold has treated Clerk Peters. 

The New York Times led the dishonest legacy media on this story, and it’s clear that this is simply the latest attempt by Griswold and the establishment to distract from the fraud-ridden Colorado Primary Election on June 28. 

Statistically Impossible Results

In the two weeks since the primary, clerks and commissioners are hearing calls for decertification and forensic audits across most, if not all, Colorado counties, and they are coming from candidates regardless of which race, from US Senator to County Coroner. 

Griswold needs a distraction and she needs one fast. 

The outrage began the moment that election night reporting data dropped from Edison research via AP News. According to Edison, the competitive races Colorado Republican races show a controlled system that maintains the margin of victory for the selected candidates throughout election night. The results show the same evidence of a controlled system regardless of how you filter the data; in other words, the manipulation shows at the county AND state levels. This is not statistically improbable. It’s impossible.

Edison reporting data doesn’t extend to local races in Colorado, so the only way for county and city races to be evaluated is to get the Cast Vote Record from the clerk. El Paso County Republican Chair Vickie Tonkins requested this record from Clerk Chuck Broerman earlier this week. Clerk Broerman responded that she could obtain the record in September, long after the deadlines for challenge. This is absolute despotism on full display by the uniparty Republicans, many of them incumbents who are obstructing transparency into their own reelection campaigns! 

The Cover Up is Always Worse

They have to obstruct. The only reason that has been provided by the wholly corrupted and illegitimate government in Denver – and their preferred election outsourcing provider Dominion – is that all of us just don’t understand. 

Batches of ballots are reported at intervals. As each candidate gains votes from each batch, the lines go up (number of votes) and to the right (over time). Sometimes in these graphs, as in Garfield County, the lines go down. It’s unclear why candidates are losing votes that were already tabulated. If you ask this question, you’re an “election denier.”

The only answer provided to the hundreds of data, engineering, cyber, math, and other domain specialists that have been asking, is that they are getting this wrong because it’s election data. They don’t understand what happens inside the machines — and no one does because the source code is proprietary and forbidden — and so they aren’t election experts.

Nowhere to Run

They have to obstruct because they are faced with damning evidence – from the same data used by the media to officially report results that we are not allowed to question. This damning evidence proves that our elections are predetermined selections and the entire process is an exercise in uniparty theater.

Welcome to the complexity of modern elections. The only election experts that are acceptable are the vendors. Per the Colorado Election Security Act (SB22-153) that Griswold just put in place, only her people are allowed to become election experts, and thus gain access to the magical knowledge that reveals the secrets of how they tabulate our votes in a way that looks like fraud but totally isn’t fraud. 

4 thoughts on “Griswold and Republicans Aligned: Obstruct Election Challenges and Prohibit Transparency

  1. Tina’s attorneys have filed a Motion to Quash. The lack of submission of travel plans approval was not her fault. There is a hearing tomorrow- 7/15. If the judge denies that Motion we must show up in massive protest!!!


  2. Is there perhaps a way that the SOS can be forced to certify an “Election Expert” other than those she hand picks? Seems like a software engineer such as myself should be able to get certified by the SOS with specified training and a background check.


  3. I was confused regarding the comment that Tina made toward Lauren B: I went to the link, listened to Tina’s words, but still don’t fully understand what she was saying. Please clarify because it is disturbing to hear that Tina is not pleased with this situation involving Lauren B. Did I miss a previous article? Not easy to stay up to date with so much misinformation and censored news.


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