In a meeting with County Commissioners and Mesa locals, Commissioner Janet Rowland and County Attorney Starr ignore citizens. Accuse locals and Clerk Peters of criminality – Fail miserably. Potential collusion exposed. [Mesa County Colorado, September 2, 2021] – In a last-ditch effort to convince Mesa County Commissioners to opt out of a seven-year contract withContinue reading “ANTI-ELECTION AUDIT HEAVYWEIGHTS ATTACK MESA LOCALS FOR DEMANDING ELECTION INTEGRITY”

USEIP Data Analytics Guide Now Available!

Ask and you shall receive! Many of you have asked about the data and analytics side of our canvassing effort. Here it is: The amazing Data Jeff and team has compiled this guide for other states to use. Like all USEIP content, if you have questions just ask! We’d love to help get you guysContinue reading “USEIP Data Analytics Guide Now Available!”

Lawless SoS Griswold Attacks Hero Clerk Peters: National Spotlight on CO Election Issues

Cyber Symposium: CO, Peters, and USEIP Steal Spotlight  Last week, the world watched as Colorado grabbed global headlines by showcasing its anomalies in 2020 election data.  Many were stunned at the depth and breadth of the accomplishments of Colorado voters achieved in their pursuit of the truth of the 2020 elections.   USEIP volunteers, tooContinue reading “Lawless SoS Griswold Attacks Hero Clerk Peters: National Spotlight on CO Election Issues”

USEIP County & Local Organizing Playbook is Now Available!

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[Sec State Griswold Sends Team to Mesa County– Attempting to Pre-Emptively Destroy Potential Election Data Release] [Denver, Colorado, August 9, 2021] – Sec State Griswold published a news release today, claiming a data breach of BIOS passwords from Dominion machines has been published online. Griswold and her staff should know if the passwords are realContinue reading “GRISWOLD PANICKED OVER COLORADO AUDITS: CALLS FOR INVESTIGATION OF DOMINION MACHINES.”

Griswold Shuts Down Citizen Testimony

Sec State Griswold has prematurely shut down citizen testimony on the election rules hearing.  There were 50 citizens signed up to testify in the Aug 3 hearing that was supposed to continue into a second day given the citizen turnout.   Griswold stopped it!  It may be illegal for her to shut citizens out fromContinue reading “Griswold Shuts Down Citizen Testimony”

Petitions, Hearings and What to Watch

WAY TO GO Colorado Patriots!  Dictator SOS Jena Griswold and her team have recieved the message loud and clear Colorado Voters do not want The Dictator’s emergency rules to be enacted permanently.  There are 325 officially submitted petitions as of July 20th (we’re also calling this petition 1 of 2 since this petition was firstContinue reading “Petitions, Hearings and What to Watch”

Never Trust a Clown

This article is a follow-on to the Only We Can Audit Ourselves published on 6/22/2021. Colorado voters are engaged and watching SecState Griswold plus County Clerk and Recorders (CCRs) across the state when it comes to election records, and rule changes. In fact, this is not a recent development. Starting in late May 2021 citizen reports haveContinue reading “Never Trust a Clown”

State Rep. Ron Hanks Lights a Fire: Creates Coalition to Challenge Griswold

In a recent show of strength, Rep. Ron Hanks issued a letter to Griswold and a press release challenging Griswold’s questionable and unethical attempt to update all Dominion voting machines in Colorado without notifying the public. What’s worse is once County Clerk and Recorders (CCRs) were asked by their constituents when the updates were toContinue reading “State Rep. Ron Hanks Lights a Fire: Creates Coalition to Challenge Griswold”

Griswold Proposes Additional Election Rule Changes: More Action Required.

In addition to the election “emergency rules” changes, Griswold is adding a whole new set of election rule changes. In summary, these additional rule changes seek to place the power of elections into the state’s hands. Centralizing election power is the enemy of a free Republic. Griswold’s new rules essentially rip the power from theContinue reading “Griswold Proposes Additional Election Rule Changes: More Action Required.”