USEIP Newsletter March 8, 2022

Amanche Japanese Internment Camp Prowers County has a long rich history in Colorado. Located in the south east corner with only one other county to the south (Baca). The county was founded by Native Americans, Cowboys, Farmers and a spirit of adventure. The history of Prowers has all the elements of the history of muchContinue reading “USEIP Newsletter March 8, 2022”

USEIP Newsletter February 22, 2022

County In Focus Douglas County originally stretched from the Rockies to the State of Kansas border. It is a little smaller today in area but has found a loud voice in Colorado during the last couple of years. Douglas is also one of only a few counties in Colorado that does not use Dominion voting machinesContinue reading “USEIP Newsletter February 22, 2022”

Weld County Clerk Koppes Denies Poll Watchers Access During Election

What just happened in Weld County? Another County Clerk, Carly Koppes, is in the news but this time for rejecting poll watchers. Fortunately, there are laws around how elections are run. “Elections belong to the people.” – Abe Lincoln. NOT the politicians, even though the elitist political types would not like you to know that.Continue reading “Weld County Clerk Koppes Denies Poll Watchers Access During Election”

Gateway Pundit talks about Election Integrity in Colorado!

Efforts to improve the integrity of election in Colorado are now getting national coverage. We have interviews of Tina Peters (Mesa County Clerk) on War Room with Steve Bannon and now our favorite firebrand blogger AsheInAmerica is getting discussed on Gateway Pundit. Read More to see what Gateway Pundit has to say about Colorado!

New Evidence in Colorado Catches Embattled Secretary of State Off Guard

Ashe in America has written another enlightening post about the fiery drama around Jena Griswold, Colorado’s infamous Secretary of States. This is a developing story, but I want to get this out so that everyone understands what’s happening. Things are heating up in Colorado. Here is what we know. jena gets some bad news OnContinue reading “New Evidence in Colorado Catches Embattled Secretary of State Off Guard”