Weld County Clerk Koppes Denies Poll Watchers Access During Election

Photo by Pressmaster on Pexels.com

What just happened in Weld County? Another County Clerk, Carly Koppes, is in the news but this time for rejecting poll watchers. Fortunately, there are laws around how elections are run. “Elections belong to the people.” – Abe Lincoln. NOT the politicians, even though the elitist political types would not like you to know that. State and Federal laws protect the right of citizens to monitor the polling places for funny business. Clerks are subject to these laws and cannot over rule them. Through ignorance or malice poll watcher were kept from doing their duty of overseeing the election process during the 2021 election.

Certified Poll Watcher, Shelley Rowe said when contacted by USEIP, “I was not allowed to be in close proximity to have access to the election process such that I could attest to the accuracy of election related activities.”

Colo. Const., art. II, § 5. The Statute, 8 Colo. Code Reg. 1501-1 Rule 8.10.2, states: “Watchers must be permitted access that would allow them to attest to the accuracy of election-related activities. This includes personal visual access at a reasonable proximity to read documents, writings or electronic screens and reasonable proximity to hear election-related discussions between election judges and electors.”

The Constitutional Notice, Complaint, and Demand states that the poll watchers were not allowed to witness essential election processes and so there fore had their rights violated. All USEIP and everyone who supports election integrity wants is free and fair elections. Whether it is one party or the another we want transparency so we can rebuild the public trust in our election process.

Full text of the official documents.

4 thoughts on “Weld County Clerk Koppes Denies Poll Watchers Access During Election

  1. Stop

    On Thu, Feb 10, 2022, 9:31 PM U.S. Election Integrity Plan wrote:

    > scottielibre posted: ” Photo by Pressmaster on Pexels.com What just > happened in Weld County? Another County Clerk, Carly Koppes, is in the news > but this time for rejecting poll watchers. Fortunately, there are laws > around how elections are run. “Elections belong to the peop” >


  2. I still have not seen ANY evidence of fraud provided by the USEIP.

    Where are the results of this big canvassing project? America’s Mom said it was wrapped up back in August.

    Where is it?

    It’s well past time to come with facts and evidence.


    1. Chase, nice to see you following the news. America’s Mom is separate from USEIP. You’re looking at the wrong source for timing. But since you asked… The Colorado Report is going through a peer review. It’s going to blow your mind. After you read it, if you’re intellectually honest, you’ll get on the right side of the “no proof” debate 🙂


  3. I’m just reading this article on 7/22/2022: I was a certified pollwatcher for the GOP during the 2020 Presidential election, in El Paso County (Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs). 5 minutes after I was sworn in, the Election Judge Supervisor denied my right to access, too!

    I immediately called my GOP hotline, and they told me to back down. But I didn’t. I complained to the higher ups in the Elections Division of El Paso County, and they refused me access. When Chuck Broerman, El Paso County Clerk and Recorder showed up at the location I was serving (the next day) I complained to him as well. He told me to my face, “No”; but Ipushed further stating and showing him a copy of the Election Rules I had brought with me and respectfully asking him to explain why I was being denied access. All he did next was give me his business card and tell me to write him an email with details. I did, but the next day of elections, I still was refused access (called my GOP hotline a couple of times more, and they again told me to back down–so I quit calling them).

    Then, curiously, on the last day of voting, Nov 3rd, after I called Broerman’s office, I was given permission by him to perform my duties according to ALL of the Election Rules that I had been denied for 3 days. The on-site Election Judge Supervisor was told to give me access as well. The rest of the day was uneventful, but I awakened the next day to the news that pollwatchers across the country had received the same treatment.

    So why was I refused access for 3 days and then on the last day, Broerman say oh, never mind, it’s ok now?

    I filed a formal complaint with the CO SOS’s office a short time after I heard that nationwide this kind of refusal had taken place. Follow up of my complaint: It was “lost” at the SOS’s office–sorry, they said, please resubmit. I resubmitted, and months later had a telephone conversation with an attorney at the SOS’s office: sorry, he said, but there is no accountability for elected officers breaking the CO election rules.

    This is not a partisan issue–it is bipartisan: my own party of elected officials told me to back off. Chuck Broerman is GOP, and he did not defend my rights to attest to a fair election, UNTIL the FINAL day of voting–when most of Colorado had already voted by mail anyway. How courteous and courageous of him to give me permission on the last day of voting to attest to person’s eligibility to vote!

    No, I absolutely do not agree that Colorado is the “gold standard” for election integrity!


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