USEIP Newsletter February 22, 2022

County In Focus

Douglas County originally stretched from the Rockies to the State of Kansas border. It is a little smaller today in area but has found a loud voice in Colorado during the last couple of years.

Douglas is also one of only a few counties in Colorado that does not use Dominion voting machines in their elections. Even so, they have been pulled into the same controversy as Mesa and Elbert Counties because the Douglas County Clerk, Merlin Klotz, also backed up the election data prior to “Trusted Build” updates done by Secretary of State, Jena Griswold. Just like with Mesa and Elbert County, this enraged the SoS and she had less than kind words for the hard working clerk. Griswold has stated that she is just trying to ensure people have access to voting by suing County Clerks for saving election data. What is in the election data that Ms. Griswold is so worried will get in “the wrong hands”? If the data is by law to be preserved for 48 months then how is it wrong for the clerk to save it?

Despite the moves by Griswold to sue the clerks, they remain confident they are doing the duties of their office. Now that Elbert Clerk Dallas Schroeder has also been sued by Griswold, will he also be harassed by the FBI for his decision to back up election data? After being detained by sheriffs during a fiery dust up over serving a warrant, Tina Peters has decided to run for Colorado Secretary of State. If Griswold was hoping to scare clerks into submission, it seems to have backfired.

Remember Caucus is coming up on March 1. USEIP is nonpartisan so choose which ever party you think has the best chance of fighting for election integrity. We encourage all our readers to get involved at the caucus level. It is the place where the people’s voice can be heard and have state wide influence.

(DE) Programing

How to get through to these people.

Winning the fight for free and fair elections is the first rung of climbing our way out of cultural pit in which we find ourselves. We need people to see the truth but how do we make head way with people if they seem to go crazy when we even bring up the topic?

If you have heard of Mass Formation Psychosis, then it is probably related to Dr. Robert Malone’s interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast. It is the process by which the “masses” or crowds become hypnotized by an ideology and fall prey to bad ideas and religious zeal directed at a priest-like elite class. Dr. Malone was specifically talking about people who seem to be under the spell of certain aspects of the COVID narrative in our culture. Election Integrity advocates have had similar experiences with strangely hypnotized people who seem to have a cult-like devotion to not just denying any possibility of irregularities in the 2020 election but become overly emotional and even aggressive when discussing the topic.Understanding the problem is the first step. Dr. Mattias Desmet, the Ghent University researcher and clinical psychologist referred to by Dr. Malone as the most knowledgeable in this field, gives us not just the diagnosis but a prescription for how to approach talking to a person who may have fallen prey to mass formation psychosis.

1. Keep speaking out! Your everyday courage to speak to your family and neighbors is the only voice that will combat the psychotic voice of deception they are hearing.
2. Help people find connection in the real world. Lack of real connection left a huge portion of our society vulnerable to the influence of elite “expert” types. Being genuinely connected to each other is the root solution. Invite them to your house or to do social things together. Zoom at last resort.
3. Do NOT invoke “back to normal” phrasing. People susceptible to mass formation are in psychological pain in that old “normal.” Help them see a path to a new place where they are connected and can find meaning through healthy honest means.
4. Check the aggressive posture. Mass formation people are looking for an outlet for their own aggression, if they see someone talking about election integrity with aggressive language or behavior it will elicit a negative reaction to everything presented. Stay calm. Truth will set you free.

WARNING, Dr. Desmet himself says it is VERY difficult to reach people caught in the mass formation lies. These are our friends, family and neighbors, Love is the only reason to keep trying.

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