At an election integrity meetup Col. Shawn Smith USAF (ret.) presented evidence of electronic voting system vulnerabilities. Crane, former County Clerk lacked facts in debate – humiliated again.

[Arapahoe County, Colorado, February 28, 2022] – During a meetup in Araphahoe County where citizens gathered to discuss Colorado election integrity topics.  Col. Shawn Smith USAF (ret.) a well-known state and national election systems security expert spoke on his expertise. Smith’s experience is rooted in over 25 years experience in the military, testing and defending the nation’s most complex and high security computerized defense systems. Crane attempted to match wits with Smith in defense of proven corrupted CO elections systems.  Crane left humiliated, disgraced.   

During Smith’s talk, attendee Matt Crane the Executive Director of the Colorado County Clerk’s Association (CCCA) attempted to refute Smith’s facts about the proven vulnerabilities in computerized electronic voting equipment in the state.  Crane continually interrupted Smith with flimsy and inaccurate claims that Smith easily debunked.   Understandably, Smith became more direct in his communications with Crane due to the rude disruptions challenging Smith’s credibility. It was proven an unwise move on Crane’s part given Smith’s depth of knowledge and experience far outweighed Crane’s.

This is not the first time Crane has engaged with Smith to defend proven vulnerable election systems. In spring of 2021 at a meeting of GOP elected officials at The Independence Institute, Crane was presenting and Smith was in the audience. Smith challenged Crane to a point where Crane buckled,  having to admit there were wireless modems in the Dominion equipment.  Crane’s admission was in complete contradiction to his longstanding claims to the contrary.  In a desperate attempt to save face; Crane stated,  “the modems were not turned on.” A ridiculous excuse given Crane had no way of knowing according to Smith.

Smith openly states that his motivation to be involved in election integrity is, “To find the truth. If I’m wrong about our election sytems being vulnerable, and able to be compromised, I’ll be the first to admit it.”  Smith has a perfect track record, being proven right about election system security vulnerabilities multiple times.  Adding to Smith’s clean position is the fact that Smith’s work goes unpaid.  He works pro-bono. 

On the other hand, Crane has a vested interest in defending Dominion voting systems, electronic voting equipment, the security, and accuracy of the Colorado election system.  His wife is a decades-long employee of Dominion Voting Systems, even during Crane’s tenure as Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder which made him a financial beneficiary of Dominion Voting Systems. 

Since the 2020 election, Crane has fortified his ill-fated position on election integrity by appearing by the side of CO SecState Jena Griswolds’ press conference in August. Crane backed a visibly panicked Griswold as she attempted to debunk Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peter’s rationale for fully backing up Mesa County’s 2020 election records.  Peters backups proved Griswold erased 29,000 Mesa County election records in a peer-reviewed forensic report generated by a world-renowned cyber expert in violation of state and federal election law.

Crane has problematic connections to election activists.  He is employed by the DC based Lafayette Group (TLG).  TLG is billed as a security consulting group, although almost none the 150+ employees have a technical background or skillset that matches the company’s claimed core capabilties.  Job descriptions for TLG looks to hire people with “strategic communications experience”. “Strategic communications” is a way of saying misinformation communications, propaganda, and disinformation communications.  Given the Lafayette group lists DHS as a client, that connects them to CISA.  CISA handles critical infrastructure including U.S. elections systems. 

Another employee of TLG is Ryan Macias a well-known election activist. Macias was outed as attempting to sabotage the Maricopa audit. Crane invited Macias to a CCCA meeting this past summer to speak. A Colorado Clerk who asked to remain anonymous stated that during Macias’ presentation, he admitted his organization was going to discredit the election audit in Maricopa.

Crane’s problematic connections continue.  It appears Crane got the CCCA Executive Director position based on his friendly relationship with Pam Anderson a former Colorado County Clerk, current Republican Secretary of State candidate, and Director of The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL).  The CTCL is the notorious non-profit funded by Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and his wife Pricilla Chan.  The CTCL is embroiled in a number of high-profile lawsuits across the U.S. for funneling an estimated $400 million dollars to key counties in the form of grants allegedly designed to buy 2020 election results with private funds. 

Crane keeps problematic company.  Pam Anderson testified in a hearing in front of the CO Legislative Audit Committee on behalf of Jena Griswold in December of 2020.  Shortly after that hearing, Anderson mysteriously vacated her position as the Executive Director of the CCCA (Crane filled that vacancy).  It then emerged that Anderson was named as a defendant in a mega-lawsuit against the CTCL (ongoing).  In a strange twist, Anderson apparently scrubbed her Linkedin page.  Missing is her role at the CTCL which she is still listed as Director.  Also absent is Anderson’s role as a board member of The Center for Election Innovation and Research that dates back to as early as 2018. The partisan non-profit is dedicated to defending the idea that U.S. elections are free from any fraud or malfeasance.  Dozens of professional reports and the Maricopa audit proves otherwise.  Why isn’t Pam Anderson’s full professional history on her Linkedin page?  What is she trying to hide? And, why is Crane so closely connected to an election fraud denier, Anderson?

It appears Crane is knee-deep in the election fraud melee especially given his personal and professional connections. Based on his outbursts and desperate attempts to defend what is now known to be a vulnerable Colorado election system; it seems Crane has no other choice but to double-down on his ill-fated position.

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  1. just the fact that Crane‘s wife works for Dominion should have made him ineligible for his position

    Arapahoe county jail awaits a new inmate.

    Let justice be served! And make US elections honest


  2. just the fact that Crane‘s wife works for Dominion should have made him ineligible for his position

    Arapahoe county jail awaits a new inmate.

    Let justice be served! And make US elections honest


  3. I attended this meeting and can verify all of Holly’s observations. It was painfully obvious that Matt had no idea what he was talking about regarding the technical details of these systems, and yet he persisted in interrupting Col. Smith with inane arguments trying to bolster his position that the systems are safe. It was embarrassing to watch. It shined a spotlight on the dearth of knowledge of our “officials” who should know about these things.


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