Generated after months of volunteer voter canvassing to verify state public election records, The USEIP Colorado Canvassing Report exposes massive irregularities, anomalies, and numerous law violations.

[Denver, Colorado, March 10, 2022] A report published today by the U.S. Election Integrity Plan (USEIP) found that hundreds of thousands of Colorado voters were impacted by election irregularities and anomalies in the 2020 elections. The report analyzed canvassing records from multiple Colorado Counties. Volunteers went door-to-door verifying public voting records. The election data that was verified is public, maintained by Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold.

Professional statisticians, mathematicians, retired military officers, software engineers, and corporate training specialists came together on a completely volunteer basis to design the canvassing program from start to finish. The peer-reviewed, statistical sampling method used for the canvassing was designed so that results can hold up in court. This strict and rigorous approach produced statistical significance in the canvassed counties.  More importantly, it allows for statistically sound assertions on voting irregularities to be made for the state as whole. Those assertions are stunning.  Extrapolating the canvassed county findings to the entire state, the number of impacted voters in Colorado is between 210,091 and 462,201.

The USEIP report exposes shocking types of widespread problems with the Colorado election system. A sample of the top irregularities in the report include:

  1. Fake voters. The voter did not cast a ballot, but County Clerk and Recorder and Secretary of State managed records show a ballot was cast in the voter’s name.
  2. Lost votes. The voter did cast a ballot but records show no ballot was cast.
  3. Illegal votes. The voter did not live at the address indicated at the time of the 2020 election.
  4. Voter data manipulation. The voter’s party affiliation changed without their authorization.
  5. Voter database manipulation. The voter did not reside at the documented address in the voter database at the time of canvassing, but months after canvassing the voter was registered at the same address in the voter registration database.

Explaining or rationalizing these anomalies and irregularities will be extremely difficult for elected officials. It’s anticipated that county clerks, commissioners, and Secretary of State Jena Griswold will dismiss the Colorado canvassing report with flimsy excuses like the anomalies are not widespread, or no election is completely without some irregularities, or clerical errors can happen due to data and record transferring between databases.

Unfortunately, the data is overwhelming in USEIP’s Colorado Canvassing Report. The findings obliterate tired excuses historically used for dismissing objective evidence and dodging responsibility.

It’s anticipated election officials will shift blame to the public, claiming voters don’t understand how elections work, to dismiss legitimate public concerns. In fact, Secretary Griswold is joined by Executive Director of the Colorado County Clerks Association Matt Crane, numerous Colorado clerks, including Carly Koppes (Weld), and Chuck Broerman (El Paso), in parroting the tired and inaccurate trope, “Colorado’s elections are the gold standard!”

Clerk Broerman went so far as proudly claiming his voter rolls in El Paso are “pristine” after the 2021 local elections. In that same election, in cooperation with Secretary Griswold, El Paso’s election results were manually changed after a discrepancy was discovered between the state and county-reported results. The Colorado Canvassing Report exposes El Paso County as having an anomaly / irregularitity rate ranging from 7.5% to 13.5%. This translates to a range of 54,359 to 69,829 El Paso County voters.

“The 2020 voter data told a story. We found patterns in the data which signaled the results in Colorado’s 2020 election had serious, unexplained problems. The only way to unequivocally verify what we saw was to manually verify the publicly available information from the voters themselves. What this report proves is shocking. Every voter and elected official needs to immediately take action to investigate in order to understand how to fix our obviously broken election system.” States Jeff Young, the chief author of the report.

Given the slim margins deciding local races and measures, numerous elected officials and counties in the state have been impacted. There are many legal cases that serve as precedent for remedying illegal elections. In fact, it’s surprisingly common to have elected officials removed from office even after they’ve taken office, and after more than a year has passed since the certification of the race.

This should give Colorado voters confidence that they do not have to live with election results that have not been verified to their satisfaction to be error-free and legitimately run. Election officials have balked in the face of concerns presented by voters since election day 2020, claiming elections passed the required Risk Limiting Audit. The Risk Limiting Audit is only capable of verifying the electronic voting systems ability to count the paper ballots. By design The Risk Limiting Audit is incapable of detecting fake votes, lost votes, illegal votes, or voter database manipulation exposed in the CO Canvassing Report – along with other ballot and data anomalies.

USEIP’s canvassing program has been distributed as a model for numerous states in the nation.  USEIP continues working on restoring free and fair elections in Colorado. A media contact for USEIP stated, “Elections belong to the people. We will not stop finding and exposing the truth until we restore free and fair elections for the people of Colorado and the United States of America.”

Watch the USEIP Colorado Report presentation with Col. Shawn Smith (ret.) USAF and chief report author, Jeff Young. Following the presentation is a Q and A with Ashe Epp and Holly Kasun. Canvassing volunteers share their first-hand stories about what they found during canvassing…

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  1. Thank you Holly and all the organizers and canvassers. You are our hero’s!

    Linda Taylor Colorado Springs

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  2. My sis in law moved into my house for a month from Hawaii, then onto Tucson 20 years ago? I still receive a ballot for her every election.


  3. I can tell you living in Colorado that the election results have been against everything my fellow citizens believe ever since they went electronic. Also, when they first went electronic, I went in to vote in person and the election “volunteer” was very aggressive about getting me to *not* vote in person–he was downright angry that I would show up in person to vote. Haven’t trusted the elections since.


  4. Gee more rampant, provable election fraud by crooked democrats. And the only arrest is of a republican who is trying to bring the truth out! Big suprise! 200-400,000 questionable votes,how many did the corrupt mr chickenpooper win by to turn a republican senate seat dem. I voted in colorado, in weld county, and i see carley knopp is saying there was no fraud. Usually those who are loudest are covering up something. Well done colorado, congradulations on joining the other gold star election fraud states. Your fraud ranks with georgia, wisconsin,pennsylvania, michigan, arizona. It just proves that democrats are crooked and self serving bastard traitors.


  5. Thank you so much for your informative emails. Also, we have a question that we are posing to various entities we receive emails from. And we wondered if you might be able to give us an answer. Thanks again, Carole & Jack We receive your informative emails and appreciate all that you are doing. What we would like to know is why the treasonist acts against We The People are not being pursued before a Grand Jury of our choice? We need to hold people accountable and take our country back and stop playing Games!! We are serious about the Grand Jury and we seriously want to know why this is not being utilized. Thanks, Carole & Jack in Florida

    —————————————–From: “U.S. Election Integrity Plan” To: Cc: Sent: Thursday March 10 2022 7:54:47PM Subject: [New post] ONE OUT OF TEN COLORADO VOTERS IMPACTED: MASSIVE IRREGULARITIES IN THE 2020 ELECTION CONFIRMED BY CITIZEN-LED CANVASSING EFFORT

    Holly at Altitude posted: ” Generated after months of volunteer voter canvassing to verify state public election records, The USEIP Colorado Canvassing Report exposes massive irregularities, anomalies, and numerous law violations. [Denver, Colorado, March 10, 2022] – A report pu”


  6. Colorado has probably the best election processes in the country, central voter registration, signature verification, bi-partisan workers, not just watchers, and central scan meaning only one place for software issues. However, the audit protocol is weak with only 2 of 6 issues addressed. Ironically or by design 8/26 a rule went into effect by Jena Griswold that forbids any other audits, such as voter registration, forensic, server log file or totaling process. This is the premise of the Hanks etal vs. Griswold law suit now fighting for scanding.


  7. You also need to check to see how many non citizens have been registered to vote when they got a driver license. I knew of 2 from. Morocco 20 years ago who were here on J6 visas. Unfortunately I don’t have
    their names. They both resided in Denver. They were registered through the “motor voter” law, whatever that is!


  8. Now that we have evidence of election fraud, what is the next step to correct the corruption and bring those responsible to be held responsible and correct the voter system so it can’t happen again….????? Thanks to Holly and all involved.


  9. I am an Unaffiliated Voter and want to know what changes are being made to ensure Election Integrity from now forward and especially in the 2022 and 2024 elections. Are counterfeit proof ballots going to be used? Will there be a manual count to replace the programmable machine? If not, then what form of guarantee do we have that the count isn’t being altered by algorithms. I have extensive experience in the IT world and know that all computers are capable of having corrupt programming. The intention is by the programmer and in the programming. Like all things it can be good or bad.


  10. How many fraudulent votes were cast in the 4 counties you canvassed?

    What is that number?

    Lots of adjectives like “shocking and unprecedented”.

    How many fraudulent votes did you identify in Weld County, for example?


  11. omg, you are right. I didn’t vote for one republican and my neighbors too and guess what happened. they got fake votes and voter fraud because those Republicans are in office now.


    1. Bipartisan my ass, created by a bunch of “big lie” trump supporters, this group is being sued for voter intimidation and brandishing weapons and badges while going door to door taking “surveys.”

      Fug outa here with this misinformation! Trumps a terrorist.


      1. Check the facts, sir. Nobody was brandishing weapons. That is THE BIG LIE. Not only that there was no voter intimidation. Watch the Canvassing report video. The ethical thing to do is to retract your ridiculous statement.


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