State and Local Elected Officials Feel the Pressure to Act in AZ.  Citizens Calling for a New Election Can’t Be Stopped – First Deadline is Closing, Consequences Looming.

[Denver, Colorado, November 17, 2022] – The open letter authored by Arizona citizens calling for a new election continues to be circulated throughout Arizona.  Citizens are demanding the new election is run without electronic voting equipment and mail-in ballots. Arizona citizens are proving to be a persistent, powerful force.

Key excerpts from the letter clearly express the seriousness and commitment of the Arizona citizens, “We the people of Arizona deserve better, and we demand better.  We demand transparent, free, and fair state elections.”   There is no confusing the citizens stance on the on the ground, “Elections belong to the People. Stolen elections are illegitimate.”  The letter closes with a promise, “[citizens] will peacefully descend on Arizona until the new election is conducted.”

Arizona citizens have taken individual responsibility to share the letter by emailing, calling and posting on social media to reach election officials, legislators, candidates, and law enforcement.   The first deadline in the letter is the is close of business today for officials to stand with the Arizona citizens with a show of public support for the new election calls. The urgency appears to be driven by the goal of a new election prior to the election certification.  It appears the citizens of Arizona are on a roll and getting a boost in shaping a viable solution. Kari Lake and Charlie Kirk have both shown support for a new election specifically in Maricopa County. 


In an unusual twist, Queen Creek school district (within Maricopa County) race winner, James Knox backs the calls for a new election.  Taking a principled stance, Knox is willing to re-run his race knowing this could cost him the win.  Knox states, “It’s great I won.” then goes onto explain, “But I was concerned with what I saw on Election Day.  The vote totals went up as expected, but the percentage of votes going to each candidate in my race never changed – they stayed at 26%, 36%, and 39%. This doesn’t make sense.”  Knox deeply understands the details of Arizona’s elections going so far as canvassing, analyzing, and formally reporting on Arizona election data.


A whistleblower election judge from Maricopa County Michelle Swinick is also calling for a new election.  Her first-hand accounts are shocking.  The number and variety of legally mandated processes and rules having been being broken, circumvented, and outright disregarded likely rise to the legal threshold required to nullify the election in Maricopa County.  Swinick has filed affidavits and is actively working on legal remedy, including potential criminal investigations.  She believes she (and other judges) may have been unknowingly forced to participate in election crimes by following their election judge training, following managers’ directions, and doing their jobs within corrupted voting centers.

The standout violation Swinick described is a ballot trafficking process that took place in her voting center.  Swinick explains that ballots came into her voting center in “big black bags.”  Prior to counting or processing the ballots in any way, the bags of ballots were taken to an offsite location operated by Runbeck Election Services, Inc. a commercial printer.  

To the un-initiated, Runbeck prints Arizona ballots while touting almost complete vertical integration of ballot and election services including:  ballot duplication, printing, mailing, sorting, scanning, ballot printing on-demand, cyber security, signature verification and more.  “As an election judge, I had to sign off on these bags that were being sent to Runbeck.”  Swinick raises legitimate questions, “who knows what happened to those ballots, when they were there?” “Who knows what came back from Runbeck in those bags?” She continues to publicly document and report her experience and evidence as an election judge.  She’s not alone in exposing the truth about the connection between Runbeck, ballot trafficking, and chain of custody violations. 


Swinick’s exposure of no-chain of custody ballots moving through Runbeck facilities, this may be the missing link explaining how data anomalies, inconsistencies and illogical results roll out in real-time during the election, but in the end, there is some version of paper ballot reconciliation.  Arizona uses the Risk Limiting Audit process to validate the election results prior to certification.  The RLA is a woefully insufficient sampling process and is designed so that any paper ballot authentication is avoided.  Given extended pre-voting and extended post-election day counting with Runbeck integrated into the process – Arizona Citizens likely have a strong legal ground for a new election, run using a simplified process of in person voting with ID, paper ballots and precinct hand counting in Maricopa.



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