This Week: Corrupt WI RINOs Trying to Legalize Dropbox Scam

Wisconsin is in the spotlight this week. The legislative session ends shortly, which means that laws that are voted on and passed stand until the legislature reconvenes in the fall. The Wisconsin legislature is going to try and legalize the dirty Mark Zuckerberg’s Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) drop-box scam…


1) Wisconsin legislators – driven by the RINOs are proposing legislation to legalize ballot drop boxes in WI. 
2) This week its expected the legislators will try to make this an official bill.  As of now, they have not put this proposed legislation into an official bill, but the word from WI grassroots is that the bill is eminent and everyone in WI is geared up for the bill to be given a number and put on the docket for a vote most likely next week.
3)  The impact is that essentially the RINOs are legalizing a well-known vector for voter fraud in WI – ballot drop boxes.
4)  It gets sinister –  the grassroots see what’s coming.  The legislators are going to try to ram this bill through and then close session until the fall – which would be too late to dispute/repeal the law before 2022 elections. 


  1. Contact WI legislators and let them know that they better not even propose this bill.
  2. Make the consequences clear if they create the bill. This is not the type of legislation voters want. In fact, voters WILL NOT STAND for the legalization of voting methods that are a PROVEN method and vector for election fraud.  
  3. If they’re as feckless as the legislators appear, and it goes to a vote – they’d better NOT VOTE FOR IT or the consequences will be severe. There will be political and media action from across the nation. 
  4. Pay special attention to Robin Vos. She’s the lead RINO in the WI legislature

Vos, Robin (R – Rochester)
District 63
(608) 266-9171
(888) 534-0063



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