FBI Raids in Colorado

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and America’s Mom Sherronna Bishop have been raided by the FBI the week before last. Below is a sample of interviews where they tell their stories. Please share these links via social media, email, and text.

Sherronna Bishop on the Mike Gallagher Podcast: Salem Media

Sherronna Bishop on Warroom with Steve Bannon

Tina Peters Full Interview on Warroom with Steve Bannon

Gold Star Mother, Tina Peters interviewed on Warroom with Steve Bannon

Sherronna Bishop, First American Mother raided by the FBI on FrankSpeech.com

7 thoughts on “FBI Raids in Colorado

  1. We have the rule of law in America.

    If Clerk Peters and America’s Mom broke the law, shouldn’t they be held responsible?

    Of course, they are presumed innocent as of now.

    Personally, I’m still waiting to hear about the voter fraud that took place. It’s long past time to release some proof.

    Clerk Peters hasn’t demonstrated even ONE person voted illegally.

    Not one.


  2. Today, Mssa County District Attorney Dan Rubenstein announced a grand jury investigation into the conduct of Clerk Peters & America’s Mom, amongst others.

    Law enforcement investigations take time. By now, all of the digital forensic data from the search warrants already executed has been perused.

    This grand jury investigation should be very interesting. Will Clerk Peters & America’s Mom be indicted?


    1. Good question. We know the corruption in the Sec State’s office, with the DA Rubenstein is equally dirty, and then of course theres the Conflict of Interest King, AG Weiser. What we do know is the AG is defending Griswold, her unethical and illegal “emergency rules” designed to cover up her crimes, and Weiser is NOT standing up for the people of Colorado.


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