New Evidence in Colorado Catches Embattled Secretary of State Off Guard

Ashe in America has written another enlightening post about the fiery drama around Jena Griswold, Colorado’s infamous Secretary of States.

This is a developing story, but I want to get this out so that everyone understands what’s happening. Things are heating up in Colorado. Here is what we know.

jena gets some bad news

On Monday, January 24, 2022, Jena Griswold was having a very bad day. 

As everyone should know by now, Jena is facing a pretty explosive lawsuit from elected officials around the state of Colorado. If you need to catch up, you can read about that here: Griswold is in Hot Water

A big part of that case is the saga of Tina Peters and Mesa County, so you should read up on that as well, especially if you’re new to Colorado’s role in the stolen election on November 3, 2020. 

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2 thoughts on “New Evidence in Colorado Catches Embattled Secretary of State Off Guard

  1. Holly, I’m embarrassed for you.

    While I don’t agree with many of your viewpoints, you have a great writing style. You actually write articles.

    This Ashe in America? Schoolyard memes making fun of Jena Griswold instead of a deep dive into Colorado Politics? Why not focus on the substance?

    You’re better than this, Holly.

    Just like you’re better than physically mocking Jena Griswold’s anxiety struggle at the Cyber Symposium.

    Not your finest moment.

    As Melania would say, Be Best.


    1. Of course I’m going to mock Jena Griswold’s anxiety at her ill-fated press conference. The reason why? Because she is cracking under tremendous pressure from lying and panicking over the public discovery of her criminal activity of deleting election records. Plain and simple. Professional law enforcement interrogators watch for signs of panic and anxiety as a routine course of business as they question criminals. Jena Griswold put this same behavior on full display for the world to see in her press conference. You call it mocking, I call it out as the the truth showing through.

      Think of it this way, Griswold is the youngest Secretary of State. She was groomed via the Obama machine, went to finishing school thanks to George Soros, was sponsored by the dem party to be the placed Sec State in CO. As we see it unfolding, it looks as if she’s being set up to be the patsy for election fraud assisted by Dominion. Here’s something to watch… As the current court cases work their way through the system, the Dems, Marc Elias, Soros, and the propaganda media will distance themselves from Griswold. There will be a circular firing squad of blame between Dominion, Griswold, County Commissioners and County Clerk and Recorders. The question is who is going to be holding the bag at the end of it all. Given Griswold’s access to the leftist war chest of resources, my prediction is that she’ll be blamed and held moderately accountable. The County Clerks will ultimately held responsible because they are the ones on the hook for preserving election records for 25 months. My suggestion is for the Clerks to smarten up, ban together and get ahead of this. They’ve been lied to by Griswold. If they don’t prove that soon, they will be left to deal with the consequences – with none of the resources that Griswold has.


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